Here you will find a collection of terms that are critical in understanding the language of Vantramps. I will expand the list as more are learned/developed.

Of course we are kidding about many of these and maybe poking fun at a few of our great friends, so we hope they don't get too annoyed with us :)

Bucketeer:  noun - Name used to describe those who believe a bucket makes a suitable bathroom in a van.  "The bucketeers rested well knowing they had a fresh supply of bags and kitty litter"

Craptacular: adverb - Describes the feeling of knowing you have a bathroom with you all the time in your van. "A craptacular feeling came over her as she realized there would be no need to run into the Walmart at 2:00AM!"

Pokaphobic: noun - Vickie. "Moby was in no danger as his owner is a chronic pokaphobic."

Procrapstination: verb - The act of postponing intensive simplification and reduction of excess "stuff" whereby delaying a wonderful Vantramping life on the road. "Procrapstination was his constant enemy as piles of accumulated gizmos built up around the house."

Tank Commanders: noun - That wise group of people who like using a toilet and don't mind dumping the holding tanks every now and then. "The tank commanders remained smarmy as they confidently approached the dump station."

The Cartridge Family: noun - The group of folks who love their cartrige style porta-potties. "Recently while one of the Cartridge Family was out of his vanhome frolicking among the toys at Camping world, his cartridge toilet was stolen and now he is a bucketeer."

The Vanaerial Gang: noun - The special group of vanners who love communicating with Ham radio and tend to have vans that resemble porcupines covered with antennas. "Jed of the vanaerial gang was recently frustrated when he found his 20' tower mounted Dat-75 on top of his van made it impossible to navigate under any overpasses."

Vamateur: noun - Someone that is just getting into the vantramp/vandwelling lifestyle. "As a vamateur, Rico was having difficulty deciding if he wanted to keep his "James Bond" electric couch or opt or something more custom and comfortable"

Vanbassador: noun -  One who proactively promotes life in a vanhome and works to improve the perceptions of society regarding it. "As vanbassadors, vantramps promote how comfortable and balanced life in a van can be."

Vambrosia: noun - The tasty food of a Vantramp! "The toast mountain, Vanbrosia in every sense of the word, combined with cream dried beef or chicken & dumplings is high on the list of favorites!" 

Vandweller: noun - Refers to the larger group of people who by choice or circumstance are living in mobile dwellings. Though named vandwellers, this group covers a very broad scope also including Vantramps. "The vandwellers enjoyed sharing their lives with each other during a get-together recently at the Slabs"

Vanimal: noun - The Fur kids that often live with Vandwellers and Vantramps. "While driving, vanimals often want to sit where you are."

Vanipulations: noun - Modifications or adjustments made to a vanhome.  "Joe's Roadtrek is scheduled for many vanipulations over the coming year to make it more suited to him."

Vanis Envy: psychoanalysis - Condition in which some people who are vanless may wish to correct by buying their perfect vanhome. "Robert suffered vanis envy when that magnificent Dodge graced his driveway temporarily."

Vantastic: adjective - Describes appliances or gadgets that would be perfect for use in a vanhome. "That whirleygig is vantastic!"

Vantramp: noun - Refers to those who take advantage of a vanhome's mobility while living as comfortably and sustainably as possible. "Just having explored a giant redwood forest, the vantramps nestled into their nice, comfortable bed looking forward to their morning coffee by the lake"