My Bucket List

I really think everyone should have a bucket list. It is such a simple and fun thing :) Here is mine!

1) I want to find one of those fainting goats and well, make him faint!

2) Have a potluck sorta meal with my fellow Vantramps that only consists of wild edibles and caught fish and/or game

3) Knit a sock monkey!

4) Take a picture of Heidi pretending to ride the big fake fish in Garrison MN.

5) Go to a Rocky Horror Picture Show and participate in the goofiness.

6) Inflict sensory deprivation on myself for a day each, one mask hearing ability so I have to rely on sight only, second be blindfolded so I have to rely on everything else.

7) Take the Roadtrek factory tour.

8) Drive Taj to Alaska up the Al-Can Highway. (Did it fast once in a Ford Probe to commercial fish) This time it would be to enjoy Alaska and the trip slowly over a summer.

9) Build a cedar strip kayak.

10) Visit Anderson's Restaurant in California which is the claimed home of split pea soup!

There will be more as I come up with them, but that's a start!