The focus of this blog

My wife and I have a great life! Our focus with this blog is to share it with others and to help anyone who may be interested in this lifestyle, to understand how they can do it as well.

Vantramping specifically is an idea I like to think of as taking advantage of a vanhome's mobility while living as comfortably and sustainably as possible. There are many ways to live the mobile life all of which I consider quite valid and no one way is better than another. For our needs/wants, this is just the style that suits us best!

Information that we plan to share in the future includes, but of course is not limited to:

How to enjoy our various hobbies while living nomadic. (Guitar, gold prospecting, gem hunting, metal detecting, jewelry making, fly fishing, knitting and other crafts) Some of these hobbies involve specific modifications to our van to allow them to be done well.

We also have many interests to write about that involve various survival skills like making natural fiber cordage, flint knapping etc.

Creative ways to do various things in a van, from packing to cooking(including methods and recipes), keeping clean, exercising and staying healthy, security and more.

Vanhome design ideas and concepts.

Details of each of the modifications we make to our Roadtrek to improve it.(many of these will apply to other vans as well)

Research information and tips/tricks to conserve resources, operate as efficiently as possible and find green/sustainable ways of doing things. I tend to be a bit of an experimenter who's mind is always busy and no where in proximity of that limiting "box"...My strange experiments will find their way here from time to time.

Methods of communication, record keeping, managing finances and maybe even a few tips on generating operating capital. Anything that can help simplify life on the road.

Details of each of the great places we visit which will include interesting attractions, great places to eat, boondock, camp, shop etc. Possibly a bit of history about the area and lots of pictures!

Accounts and maybe interviews of various other nomadic vandtramps/vandwellers we meet up with on the road.

I will do everything in my power to make sure this blog is a good resource for information concerning this lifestyle and hopefully provide some fun and entertainment in the process! Thanks to all who come along for the ride!

-Mike & Heidi