Thursday, September 20, 2012

Magic Carpet or Segway?!

Easy Choice! Since we couldn't locate a magic carpet anywhere, Heidi and I recently picked up this clean first generation i167 Segway found locally on Craigslist. Perhaps the best money we ever spent! 

With my lack of air due to the CF, keeping up with Heidi while we are out and about isn't too likely. The Segway, who we of course named already,  "Steve",  is perfect for getting around most anywhere we go. I have been enjoying my newfound range by visiting the horses at the stable fairly often now, shopping in town with Heidi and soon accompanying her and Dad on many future walks & expeditions on the waterfront & local trails. 

"Gliding" along on a Segway is an easily mastered skill. It is very intuitive and feels quite safe. My initial glide with a spotter had me on my own in less than a minute, moving carefully within a small area for a couple more minutes then gradually extending that range. If you have ever been interested in trying a Segway out, definitely check for a local Segway Tour company. They are fairly common now and will be fun and educational. Great way to explore local scenery!

Steve and Taj have had a chance to meet of course but for the moment, the Dodge truck, Seth, gets the hauling duties until Taj gets a new hitch receiver for the carrier to mount to. (pictured below)

   This clever gadget for hauling the Segway was part of the deal. 

Perhaps not much of an update on what we have been doing, but I promise to get to that soon. With the winter months coming soon, I expect I will be online again a lot more often. Wonder how Steve does in the snow...