Saturday, June 9, 2012

Leatherwork - Fun, useful skill and perfect for vantramping!

After collecting some tools, doing a bit of reading and finally applying some of the learning, I am pretty happy with my first leather creation. These are the pants I made for Heidi's favorite folding knife, "Willy"(yep, we still name everything). Most of the design is my own with the exception of the bushing that helps auto-open the blade when un-sheathing the knife. I had seen that before online somewhere a while back and thought it looked like a good idea.

Leathercraft is definitely a nomad friendly hobby! I enjoy it about the same as doing jewelry work, and it is just as easy to do in the small spaces of a van or RV. Of course I plan to do a lot more of it and have a few ideas even to dress Taj up a bit, but she isn't getting pants! That is just way more hand stitching than I could handle!