Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Heidi Won!

To say that leaves poor Taj a bit concerned is far beyond an understatement! Terrified would be much closer! There has always been the threat of chickens looming, but not being one to only go half way, my Sweet Heidi has upped her game and added a miniature cow!  Well, as one who is easily sucked in by cute little animal faces and my precious wife, I completely caved. 

Sorry Taj, Deal with it! Okay, just kidding, there will not be cows tied to Taj's bumper or chickens driving (Go ahead, I left that door wide open). There is however a new plan! A major change actually, and it is one that has been coming for some time. 

Us road loving VanTramps are going to start looking for a little piece of land here on the Olympic Peninsula to do an off-grid something or other...Not sure what exactly that will end up being quite yet, but likely at least a "docking station" for Taj and maybe an outdoor kitchen (firebrick oven), possibly a craft studio and or maybe even a cabin. We are just in planning stages and saving up so who knows what the final result will be. I do know that Taj will be a continuous part of it and the modding and fun will continue. 

For the blog, it just means there will be a wider variety of topics shared. A lot more homesteading, gardening and off-grid type topics. Also, of course at some point, cute little cow pictures and chickens too. You will probably start to see more of our hearts and beliefs being shared as well, I hope that doesn't scare anyone away, we are the same, just feeling like we have been holding back a lot that matters to us. 

On that note, assuming no mass exodus by our readers, we will share more of our plans/goals soon!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Still Here!

We are still here that is! I am not so sure about the Glines Canyon Dam shown above though. They have finally been working to remove it in recent months. As part of the Elwha River Restoration, it is a very cool project that I may write more about in the future.

Ever had one of those days where you wake up and wonder what in the world you are doing? I had one of them a few weeks back. It has been building for a while, but for some reason, something clicked that day and it all came together in my head.  I had been in a bit of a holding pattern or perhaps even a "funk" of sorts.

I am pretty sure it is just that I am interested in so many various things that I lose focus. One of those things affected of course, has been the blog. No writer's block or lack of material, rather the opposite. I always have a ton of topics in my head. How does a person decide? I keep getting stuck at the part about catching a tiger by it's toe. There is never any info on how to catch him by the toe or where he gets $50 to pay even once, much less every day... 

Pretty sure I could sneak up on that sleepy little guy, but I really doubt he can cover the payment. And in any case, I couldn't force myself to wake him.

 I have never wanted to make this a daily blog where I feel compelled to share the dull stuff like what we eat every day or give a daily weather update. Not that I think there is anything wrong with sharing that stuff in a blog, it's just not my style I guess. I value the time of our readers here and will always do my best to hopefully share something worthy of that time. So on that note, as in the past, I won't be doing daily posts, but I do plan to get back at it on a much more consistent level.  I also have some new and hopefully interesting topics to share! Lots of mods in the works, some new plans, a new fun skill/hobby and a bunch more stuff I have always wanted to talk about. 

Thanks for sticking with us during my extended break! I will do my best to make sure it was worth your patience :)