Monday, October 8, 2012

Chicken Gals

The new ladies are here and they have their own living quarters so Taj's fears are finally put to rest! 

This started as a group of five which lasted right up to the first one that crowed! Yep, a male was hiding amongst the gals, trying to keep silent but his instincts betrayed him and he quickly ended up in Heidi's stew-pot... You see, these critters have a purpose aside from just providing entertainment value! They are hopefully going to be productive little egg factories providing us with healthy, nummy food! Obviously, only the hens can pull that off :)

Heidi has been busy over the last few weeks preparing the fine home you see above. She located it via Craigslist at a great price just down the road from us a few miles. Both the coop and the pen were part of the deal and Heidi has made many improvements to each. Even with the addition of the roof on the "chicken run" and extra material to strengthen & secure the coop, they are both easily moved to keep the girls on fresh, "scratchable" ground.

I admit I even think the inside looks sorta comfy.


  1. I used to have six egg layers, and loved having the chickens around as well as their eggs. They turned out to be quite fun little critters.

    1. We will probably get to six before long. Seems like a good number. The silky "snowflake" is more of a pet for our neighbors kid. We don't really include her in the "chicken count". They are definitely entertaining and fun little critters! BTW, your dog is adorable!!


  2. Cool set up!! I bet the girls are really enjoying this.

  3. Hi Mike and Heidi, It's been a long time since I've caught up with you guys. It seems your life has really changed since last I read your blog. Mine too. I may be spending the summer living in a van! So I appreciate all the tips I've gotten from your blog on modifying your van. I know it will come in handy this summer. Happy trails! Terria

  4. My girlfriends sister lives in Steamboat Springs, Colorado and she has a bunch of chickens. She feeds them leftovers and scraps from her restaurant and they produce the best eggs I've ever had.