Monday, September 19, 2011

"Here fishy fishy"

For the past few months especially, Heidi and I have been a lot less active online for fun reasons. We have been focusing more of our time on our hobbies, especially those that are more seasonal. I feel quite guilty that I haven't been sharing that with you all! So without further delay....

I confess! We have been fishing! Well at least that is some of what we have been up to. Notice, however, that I didn't say "we have been catching". 

Yeah, those illusive fishies are still swimming around in the beautiful streams of the Olympic Peninsula without much reel(pun intended) danger from us. 

I should speak for myself I guess. They were not in danger of me catching them. My focus really has been on finally learning to use my fly fishing gear that I have been hauling around for a few years now. 

I grew up up using more familiar open face reels and weighted lures but something about fly fishing seems more interesting to me these days. Maybe I just watched "A River Runs Through It" a few too many times! Whatever it is, I really have been enjoying learning it so far. 

Heidi, for now at least, is still using an open face reel and actually catching some little fish. Very ambitious little fish considering they have been very close in size to the lures she has been using! She has had a lot of fun too. 

The fish will find their way onto our grill eventually! Until that happens, it's a good thing we enjoy pizza!