Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Lyre River Campground - Free Camping at it's best!

I hesitate to publish this post for fear I may be chased out of this wonderful state! We like to tell people that "Washington is closed" or the more common, "it always rains here and is miserable at best"....I doubt either of those methods ever work, but I am always pleasantly surprised by the serenity that can be found here and that it remains far from crowded.

The Lyre River Campground is one of the many DNR campgrounds here that can be used by anyone with the new Discover Pass. Before this month, there was no such requirement. This is a new thing that the state has come up with to help with the budget. I don't mind it at all! There are rangers in the parks & campgrounds a few hours every day getting things in order and keeping them nice. Seems like a very small price to pay! 

Can you spot Taj in the pic above? No, you aren't seeing double :) Of course Taj is on the right and "Glorie B", the trusty vanhome of Kris(Bittermoon), is at left. Kris has been in the area with her cute pup Lexi for a little while now and we have been lucky enough to share much of that time with her. 

That strange green bucket with a stick protruding from it is actually a very cool rocket stove we purchased from Stovetec. Perhaps not easy to tell, but this is an action shot where it is doing an excellent job of cooking our nummy black-eye-pea and ham dinner(with Heidi's help of course)! 

These are all shots taken while standing in our campsite. Sleeping with the river rambling so close is an easy thing to do! Such a soothing sound! We had a really great weekend hanging out, enjoying the peaceful beauty of the area! 

We hope you find your way here too at some point, but just remember to make sure everyone knows how miserable and rainy it is :) I kinda suck at keeping secrets!

Monday, July 4, 2011

Salt Creek - Our Second Anniversary

Heidi and I recently spent a wonderful weekend at Salt Creek Campground here on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington. We were celebrating our 2nd wedding anniversary! Best two years of my life so far!!  The picture above is the view from the edge of our campsite looking out over the Strait of San Juan De Fuca. 

We don't often stay at parks where there is an overnight fee, especially here on the OP where there are so many beautiful places a person can stay free. Salt Creek is special however! There is always a chance of seeing a whale passing by in the Strait or a family of otters playing in the tide. Healthy deer roam around the camp area without fear and squirrels delight in chasing each other from tree to tree! Beautiful scenery, cute critters and clean, fresh smelling salt air with just a hint of cedar, what's not to love?!!

 Taj from the fence-line,,,

The fence-line from Taj. 

Heidi and I have really been enjoying our summer so far and we hope you have as well! 

BTW: These pictures were taken on the weekend of June 20th, but since today is July 4th;

 "Happy Independence Day!!!"