Friday, April 15, 2011

Yahoo Vandwellers

For those who didn't know, the Yahoo Vandwellers group has been a big factor in both Heidi and my life around the last 4 to 5 years. We met online there, and over time, fell for each other completely. The picture of the "smooching" vans is from our first night spent together when we met up in Salt Lake City. Now this year, June 20th to be exact, we are celebrating our second wedding anniversary and both of us still consider ourselves vandwellers and remain a part of the group. 

For a bit over a year now I have been one of a few moderators on the group as well. This post is really a bit of an announcement to my vandweller friends that I am going to no longer function in that capacity. I just don't want to commit the amount of time that is required to actively do the job any longer. With 7000 plus members, it really has become a very big job even shared among the few active mods. Some adjustments have been made behind the scenes and new help has been found so I am feeling better about it. 

Thanks to the decision to stop moderating vandwellers, I will have a lot more available time to dedicate to our life of fun and blogging again as well as the jewelry work, Taj mods, my neglected guitar, my under-utilized mountain bike, fly fishing, prospecting, sling-shot fun and and and... lots more stuff! 

So that's my big news for the day :) Yay for more time!!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

My Artistic Side

Since I have been so quiet lately, I wanted to share at least one of the projects I have been up to. The project has absolutely nothing to do with Mr Hotdog in the above image, but someone, somewhere considered that thing art so I thought I would share him with my blogger friends!  Mr Hotdog (who I find a bit creepy actually) is no longer at the location shown. I am guessing he was stolen by some bored group of teens :) Heidi thinks he may be getting a makeover... I guess he does look like he could use one.

Okay, so back on track here.

I have been putting the Foredom (seen in my last post) to use. I am in process of building a couple LED sconce style lights for Taj.  They are of a design I have had in mind for quite a while, utilizing cut, frosted wine bottles, a bit of copper and a little wood. I will hopefully have some pictures for you this coming week.

My list of projects for Taj this year is huge as I have mentioned before. Now that it is warmer out, I am getting into gear and starting on many of them.  I have noticed lately that the artistic potential of the various mods I am working on is more on my mind. Modifying Taj really could be considered a hobby even though the mods are always designed to make our lives/home more comfortable and efficient.

I am curious how many other of our nomadic living friends out there shares this same sort of addiction :) Do you enjoy creatively modifying your traveling home or is it more about just meeting a need?