Monday, August 29, 2011

3 Little Things

A guitar stand, a nebulizer and a flashlight, three things that have pretty much nothing to do with each other, but are perfect examples of ideal items for Vantramping. 

Starting with the flashlight; Compared to our 2D LED Maglite that has always been with us up to now, this little Fenix TK15 is a fraction of the size and weight, yet is much more effective and multi-purpose. The Maglite is heavy enough to maybe clobber someone with and has a claimed output of 114 Lumens. 

The little Fenix is not so heavy, but is very solid and equipped with scalloped bezels on both ends which could be used for self defense purposes. At 337 Lumens, you won't need to hit someone with it to defend yourself though! This thing is bright! It has 4 levels of brightness as well as a quite debilitating strobe function. It is well suited for self defense, search and rescue or perhaps signaling when needed and even functions well as a tactical light for firearms use. 

The guitar stand isn't so multi-function, but is much nicer than most stands available and folds to a small enough size that it will fit right inside many guitar cases. I love this stand! It was included in this post because of how much more convenient it has proven to be compared to a regular folding stand.  It is made by Cooperstand

The nebulizer, an Omron Microair, has been one of the best purchases yet for our life in the van. For me, with my CF, there is no getting around the fact that I need to have a nebulizer available always.

The old machine that this little gem replaced was a far different animal! It was basically a filtered 110V air compressor that fed pulsed air through plastic tubing connected to a nebulizer cup which vaporized the medicine (Albuterol in my case). It was a loud, cumbersome rig which did a swell job of fogging up the van with wasted meds,  and at least once, getting the cops called at a park because "That crazy hippie in the van was smoking a bong!!" LOL! I suppose to some it probably looked that way... 

The Microair is an amazing device. It will run for months on two standard AA batteries, is dead silent and has a momentary switch function that only fogs the medicine when you want it too (during inhale) so none is wasted coating everything else. It doesn't require any other cups or hoses and cleaning is much easier and faster than the old rig. The Microair is smaller than a can of pop which makes it extremely easy to store as well as carry along outside the van as needed. 

3 little things, yep, they are! 3 wonderful little examples that show how a bit of research and careful shopping can improve your Vantramping life! 


  1. Technological improvements all around!

    Good to hear from you Mike and Heidi. I've missed you guys!

  2. Nice, Mike....very nice examples of minimalist design and very good for any kind of small footprint living......Thanks for sharing....

  3. Research Wins the day! Love the internet. Glad to see a post.

  4. just gotta love it!! I had a good laugh about the crazy hippie smoking a bong!!

    You all take care!!

  5. Hi Kim! Thanks! Missed you too :)

    Hey Bri, Thanks for the comment!

    Yeah it does Merikay :) Heidi and I both research everything to death LOL! Always pays off though! Thanks!

    Hey Mike & Gerri, Thanks for stopping by! Yeah, that bong smoking thing was something LOL! That happened in Salt Lake City area. I seemed to be under the eyeball there more than normal :) Take care of yourselves too!

  6. Good to see you back on Blogger Mike~ I've been wondering how you are :) I'm surprised I haven't been hassled in my hippy van hardly at all! I guess they figure I stand out too much to be doing anything illegal. ;)Good to hear from you!

  7. Glad to see your post...was wondering what you where up to.
    Have one of those little flashlights...they work great.

  8. Hey Laura! Good to "see" ya too! Sorry for the delayed response, I have been offline a lot lately working on getting healthy. I am working my way back into blogging though, I am way behind! Your hippy van is far too cute to be hassled :)

    Hi Anne, hope you guys are doing well! I have a few posts coming that will give a better idea of what we have been up to. Lots of fun things going these day :) Thanks for the comment!


  9. Hi. I've been living vicariously through Glenn at "To Simplify...", and then thought I'd look for a couple living in a class b style vehicle, and voila! found you. My husband and I are looking forward to eventually living this way, and are just beginning to do the research. Kinda been a dream of ours for a while, and now we're actually starting to take action.
    Anyway, your guitar stand is great...resembles a rabbit whether in use or not. I'd call it a rabbit, just my 2 cents.
    Thanks for all your info, and God be with you,

    PS. Hope is is well regarding your health.

  10. Ha! Thanks Jennifer! I never "saw" the rabbit hiding in the guitar stand until you pointed it out! :) I hope you and your husband are successful at realizing your dreams, I am sure you will find this lifestyle as enjoyable as we do!

    Thanks for your commenting and well wishes :) My health is much better since the last hospital stay. God be with you as well.