Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Lyre River Campground - Free Camping at it's best!

I hesitate to publish this post for fear I may be chased out of this wonderful state! We like to tell people that "Washington is closed" or the more common, "it always rains here and is miserable at best"....I doubt either of those methods ever work, but I am always pleasantly surprised by the serenity that can be found here and that it remains far from crowded.

The Lyre River Campground is one of the many DNR campgrounds here that can be used by anyone with the new Discover Pass. Before this month, there was no such requirement. This is a new thing that the state has come up with to help with the budget. I don't mind it at all! There are rangers in the parks & campgrounds a few hours every day getting things in order and keeping them nice. Seems like a very small price to pay! 

Can you spot Taj in the pic above? No, you aren't seeing double :) Of course Taj is on the right and "Glorie B", the trusty vanhome of Kris(Bittermoon), is at left. Kris has been in the area with her cute pup Lexi for a little while now and we have been lucky enough to share much of that time with her. 

That strange green bucket with a stick protruding from it is actually a very cool rocket stove we purchased from Stovetec. Perhaps not easy to tell, but this is an action shot where it is doing an excellent job of cooking our nummy black-eye-pea and ham dinner(with Heidi's help of course)! 

These are all shots taken while standing in our campsite. Sleeping with the river rambling so close is an easy thing to do! Such a soothing sound! We had a really great weekend hanging out, enjoying the peaceful beauty of the area! 

We hope you find your way here too at some point, but just remember to make sure everyone knows how miserable and rainy it is :) I kinda suck at keeping secrets!


  1. Excellent post Mike. Glad you all had such a great camp and the you are enjoying your rocket stove....
    I am going to guess that with the new regs you mentioned there aren't any semi-permanent camps with thousands of screaming kids in them?????
    If not, that place is Eden....;^)

  2. Nice, almost perfect. i love sleeping by a river.

  3. We went up to Seattle a few years ago. To short a trip! I hope to spend more time in the NorthWest in future years. The place to be in Summer!

  4. Adding another location to my map! Thanks!

    Cyndi & Stumpy @ RVly Ever After

  5. Hey guys!! Glad yall are back online. Typing comments on a phone cramps my style, but I'm still following along :) Looks like a great spot you got there! Any meece burrowing in your cupboards? Beauty + Water locations equal intruders of the rodent variety in my experience. Blech!

    Happy belated anniversary :)

  6. That water looks SOOOOO good..wish we were there.

  7. Fun! Fun! I want to go back. It was so peaceful.

  8. I have two of those little rocket stoves and I LOVE them!

  9. I always get those "Down by the River" jokes and I just laugh. It's better than Chris Farley made it sound :)

  10. Thanks for the tip! I'd forgotten about DNR campgrounds. Prior to your post, I was beginning to think much of WA state is too expensive for camping. Many of the parks charge around $21-$22 a night -- I could rent an apt for that amount! bethers

  11. Great spot for camping and relaxing.....

  12. wherever do you store your rocket stove?

    looks Idyllic.

  13. What a beautiful spot. Sleeping by the river sounds like heaven. Lucky you :-)

  14. Hey Bri, You are correct! It was peaceful overall without any real noise from any other camp neighbors. I have to say the NFS is doing a great job keeping things nice now too!

    Yep Michael and Lynette, it is something sleeping so close to the river! I love it!

    Merikay, You should come up and spend more time in the area! Let me know if you do get in the area, would love to meet with you!

    Thanks Nellie! Nope, no meeces! Only place we have had any issue with them was in MN. I left a storage door slightly open and they snuck in! Got rid of the that night though! By the river, the only thing we saw was chipmunks & squirrels and they didn't seem too eager to join us in the van.
    Well, maybe the chipmunks did...

    Bethers, There seem to be quite a few nice DNR camps out here. They definitely keep costs down!

    Hi Anne, you guys should come see for yourself :) Would be fun to see you again!

    Annie, I bet they get more popular in the future too as more people learn about them! Great little stoves!

    Arathi, Yep, if they had any idea, most people would wish they could be in a van by the river :)

    Aint for city gals, Lots of room for you at that camp ya know :) What are you waiting for??

    Hey Peter, we keep it in the bottom of our closet in Taj. The one right behind the drivers seat has quite a lot of storage capability.

    Thanks to all for the comments!

  15. Did you do any fishing at that river? Very cool site here!..:)....Looking around for a 190 popular roadtrek myself.
    Doug from sunny So. Calif..

  16. Hey Doug, Thanks for the kind words! Yep we did a little fishing in that river! Had a great time! Next time we go(a couple weeks from now) we plan to do a little "catching" instead! I think that may be a bit more fulfilling! LOL! Hey, if you are not on the Yahoo RT group, you should join, there have been a few people mention they were selling their 190's lately. Also of course there is the "Used RT list". If you don't know where that is, I had linked it in a previous blog here about finding a good used VanHome.