Friday, April 15, 2011

Yahoo Vandwellers

For those who didn't know, the Yahoo Vandwellers group has been a big factor in both Heidi and my life around the last 4 to 5 years. We met online there, and over time, fell for each other completely. The picture of the "smooching" vans is from our first night spent together when we met up in Salt Lake City. Now this year, June 20th to be exact, we are celebrating our second wedding anniversary and both of us still consider ourselves vandwellers and remain a part of the group. 

For a bit over a year now I have been one of a few moderators on the group as well. This post is really a bit of an announcement to my vandweller friends that I am going to no longer function in that capacity. I just don't want to commit the amount of time that is required to actively do the job any longer. With 7000 plus members, it really has become a very big job even shared among the few active mods. Some adjustments have been made behind the scenes and new help has been found so I am feeling better about it. 

Thanks to the decision to stop moderating vandwellers, I will have a lot more available time to dedicate to our life of fun and blogging again as well as the jewelry work, Taj mods, my neglected guitar, my under-utilized mountain bike, fly fishing, prospecting, sling-shot fun and and and... lots more stuff! 

So that's my big news for the day :) Yay for more time!!


  1. Thanks Mike for all you've done to make VanDwellers both an informative and civil forum.

  2. Big news! Sounds like you'll have lots of time for your own projects now - look forward to seeing them!

  3. I love retiring! I do visit van dweller, some. I will be looking forward to more blog posts, though!

    I do look at Class B's! I look at everything: f toyhaulers, tts, vans, and cargo trailers. I'm convinced the class C is what would work best for me. But I'm open minded and when I find something that will work, I'll make the purchase.

    Thanks for stopping by!
    Cyndi and Stumpy @ RVly Ever After

  4. Good for you Mike! Thank you for your long time service to the group and I have always appreciated your efforts to keep a cool head and help cool down some of our heads!
    Hopefully you will still stay a member and kick in some of your wisdom and experience...
    Hugs bro,

  5. Sounds like a great plan, having more fun is always fun :-) and I know you're really good at it!

    While you're having all that fun, do remember the couple little projects for your favorite little sister, ok?

  6. Nice post. Can't wait to see the more of them.

  7. Thanks for the sweet comment Suanne! Very much appreciate it!

    Definitely Mark! Can't wait to dig in and get some of them done!

    Hey Cyndi & Stumpy, I will be really interested in seeing what you end up with! I am sure you will find the perfect rig!

    Hugs Back Bri! Very much appreciate you & your kind words! Will always be a member of the tribe and always glad to see you there as well!

    Of course little sis! I will probably get started on them this week, should be fun!

    Bob, Always!

    Matt, Thanks!


  8. YAY! More blogging, Less moderation! It is amazing how freeing it is to give-up a responsibility like that. Enjoy the new-found freedom.

  9. Hi Mike,
    I too am happy for you and Miss Heidi; more time for each other and more time for fun is a good thing. You have a way with words and I know you did a great job but moving on and sharing new adventures will be fun for you and the rest of us as you tell us what you're up to next.
    Love you both,