Saturday, April 9, 2011

My Artistic Side

Since I have been so quiet lately, I wanted to share at least one of the projects I have been up to. The project has absolutely nothing to do with Mr Hotdog in the above image, but someone, somewhere considered that thing art so I thought I would share him with my blogger friends!  Mr Hotdog (who I find a bit creepy actually) is no longer at the location shown. I am guessing he was stolen by some bored group of teens :) Heidi thinks he may be getting a makeover... I guess he does look like he could use one.

Okay, so back on track here.

I have been putting the Foredom (seen in my last post) to use. I am in process of building a couple LED sconce style lights for Taj.  They are of a design I have had in mind for quite a while, utilizing cut, frosted wine bottles, a bit of copper and a little wood. I will hopefully have some pictures for you this coming week.

My list of projects for Taj this year is huge as I have mentioned before. Now that it is warmer out, I am getting into gear and starting on many of them.  I have noticed lately that the artistic potential of the various mods I am working on is more on my mind. Modifying Taj really could be considered a hobby even though the mods are always designed to make our lives/home more comfortable and efficient.

I am curious how many other of our nomadic living friends out there shares this same sort of addiction :) Do you enjoy creatively modifying your traveling home or is it more about just meeting a need?


  1. Not a fulltimer by any means, but I always like to meet a functional need with also making it attractive. That way, every time I use it, I get a bit of pleasure from the way it looks as well. It takes a bit more time. Ok sometimes it takes a lot more time to trim it out and leave no rough edges or other slapped together things (duct tape comes to mind), but instead of playing the tape in my head that xyz is working fine even tho its ugly, I get the positive emotion of seeing and using something that both works well and looks pretty.

  2. nice to see you back bloggin! for Mr Hotdog?..we can only hope someone has been busy doing a makeover!..and on the RV front..I would think that no matter what you live in is human nature to move things around and to redecorate!!

  3. Hi Mike & Heidi! Good to hear from you. Also good to know you are staying busy and taking good care of the Taj. Kim

  4. Hey Mike. I'm looking forward to seeing your artistic sconces. I've been thinking about how to make my little space more attractive. So far the only thing that I've come up with is lining the curtains with some nice lightweight fabric. Suanne

  5. Hey, the Hot Dog guy is art.. maybe not appealing to all, but art...

    Look forward to seeing how your sconce project turns out! Wow, it sounds like a full list!

    I enjoy some projects, but all in all, mine tend towards necessity. Part of me would like to paint the cabinets in the B, but not badly enough right now. If something isn't a necessity, I tend to have to want it awhile before breaking down to do it! Like the cabinets and like my little reading lights over the sofa that to me are kind of fugly. But you know, they work! So I window shop every so often and then decide, they work! LOL

    Maybe your lights will turn out so cool we can start commissioning you to light our vans!



  6. Yikes...a P-I newsstand a year after that wonderful newspaper's demise!

    (Or is that not a Seattle Post-Intelligencer vending machine in your pic?)

    Love the dog. Loved the newspaper.

  7. Sheesh! If it were simply meeting a need I'd have had my deal done months and months ago, for Pete's sake. But, if I have to wake up in it, every day, it needs to feel like home and not an emergency shelter.

  8. Mike, our Mods tend to be utilitarian. People who design RVs should live in them and they clearly do not. Often our Mods are esthetically pleasing, at least if you tend to the minimalist side of the brain. For example, one Mod was to reconstruct Marco's bathroom to be physically smaller. This had the side effect of making Marco's interior more open and spacious appearing, a good thing in a 14Ft live-in box. It is also true that the Polyurethane varnished countertop is much brighter and prettier than was the OEM dark gray treatment. One future project will be curtains and matching duvet covers for the beds. Oh, and before we go fulltime in June '12 (or sooner if Jan's foot gives out) I need to [securely] hang the three small oil paintings Jan bought in Paris.


  9. Isn't that what makes humans so cool? Our desire to beautify? Of course beauty is in the eye of the beholder!! Can't wait to see what you are up to!

  10. That Mr Hot Dog is one freaky dude. Thanks for giving me nightmares LOL

  11. Mr Hotdog is VERY creepy!! I hope he doesn't give me nightmares now! ;)

    When i live in the Bus I re-arrange things every month or so, it helps me keep track of everything.
    When I live in a home I re-arrange rooms and furniture pretty often, especially when I find unwanted furniture to fix up and use.
    I like to have a project or painting to work on either way.
    Take a picture of Taj's LED lights when you are done, I would like to see them. I love the idea of re-using wine bottles as lighting and other uses.

  12. Hey, Thanks for all the comments! You guys are a funny crew!

    Tesage, I like your thoughts on it. I feel much the same. There is a lot to be said for doing a good looking job rather than slapping a repair in place. I can't bring myself to do a basic repair anyway, I am wired to upgrade stuff :)

    Sue & Doug, LOL! Yeah, hopefully at the very least they are getting him some new condiments!

    Thanks Kim! Hope you are making progress on your plan :) I haven't put near as much time into Taj lately as I want, but that is starting to change now with the warmer weather!

    Sweet Suanne, Are your mods for the Prius? Are you still hunting for a B? Keeping both? Do I ask a lot of questions? :) I will be working on the sconces more this next week, probably will get them done and make a post. Hope so anyway!

    Hi Mark, His name is Art??? Thanks! You have a pretty amazing outlet for your artistic pursuits with the photography. I tend to have a great desire to take awesome pictures, but then end up settling for shots like Mr Hotdog :) Seems like our focus may be just a bit different, but the results are similar. We satisfy our creative side where it is our priority and get by with what works where it matters less. Interesting!


  13. Hey Anon, LOL! I hadn't noticed the PI News stand! I took this pic a few years back when heading out on a multi-state prospecting trip. Mr Hotdog used to stare at you while waiting for a Coffee at the espresso stand in Discovery Bay ;)

    Rob! Good to see you "around" again! You know we agree on this stuff for sure.

    Lew & Jan, Thanks for the great input! Yeah, I agree on the designers. If they did actually live in them full-time, they would likely have much better insight and improve their designs a lot! Sounds like your mods are making a nice difference in your rig's overall "feel"! That is very cool! Would love to see it in person some time!

    Thanks for the comment Carla! I like your outlook on it!

    You are welcome Mar! What are big brothers for?! :)

    Hi Laura Anne, Sorry about the nightmares! Mr Hotdog could probably be a successful slasher film star! He creeps me out too! You know, when I think of artistic rigs, yours always comes to mind! I love how much of yourself you put into it, very cool bus! I will get a bunch of pics while finishing up the sconces. The idea of re-purposing wine bottles for them appealed a lot to me. I think folks will be surprised!


  14. I don't have a van home to modify... yet. But wow, love Mr. Hot Dog Man.