Tuesday, March 8, 2011


For a little while now, I have felt a bit like I was in a "Blogger Funk"... After thinking about it however, I know that isn't really the case. At least I don't think so. I have no shortage of post-worthy material and no lack of desire to put it here. Lately, I have just been failing at one of my normally strongest attributes which is focus. 

I made a post a while back, Regaining Balance, which is related to this whole focus thing as well. It all ties together. In recent months I have neglected both balance and focus. I always have a gazillion projects and areas of research which is fine, I just have to remember to focus on one at a time so I can knock em off my list!

Heidi has had no such lapse! She has really been on a roll, experimenting with all kinds of cool stuff! Not just experimenting, but obtaining results. Check our other blog (really it is her blog), Vansteaders, there is usually something cool to read there! 
(Yeah I am biased but it's true)

So now I am going to declare the "funk" or blog-blackout or whatever it was over and finish a bunch of the projects for this place I have been working on. Thanks to all of my "Wise and Wonderful People" (followers) and readers for sticking around! Interesting note: My Dad said he would stop following me if I didn't post something pretty quick LOL!


  1. we have all been in a blogging funk at one time or another..welcome!..I am in one too!

  2. Mike, lots of folks are in a blogger funk right now...it must be contagious. I guess the "funk" will end and things get back to "normal". Take care and glad your back to focus.

  3. I'll still follow you no matter how seldom you post!

    I know EXACTLY what you mean regarding the funks. I'm experiencing that as well as I reach the tail-end of my doctoral program. I'm losing my motivation like gasoline from a broken fuel line. And you feel almost powerless to stop it. I think maybe it's just your psyche screaming "STOP!!!!!". If you figure out a solution, lemme know.

  4. Yo Mike. Nothing like a little tough love from the old man to get you back in the groove. Gotta love it. Looking forward to reading about the projects you've been working on. Whether you realize it or not, you're a key source of inspiration for wannabe handy types like me.

  5. Another one in a dump here or at least I was. I think your post helped me pull out of it for some reason. February has always been bad for me, but hey it's March. Time to march on ...

  6. Cabin fever? Tail end of winter blues? Whatever it was, I missed you. I will always read your blog (and Vansteaders) no matter if you get in a funk once in a while.

  7. What a super cute pup!

    And what a wise dad!

    Can't wait to see what's next, Mike. No, really. I can't wait! What's next????

  8. Sue and Doug, Should I have my Dad harass you too :)

    Mike & Gerri, Thanks! I think it's gone...At least I can't say I feel funky at the moment!

    Kimbopolo, You have a lot on your plate, I can definitely understand you might feel like you are running out of gas! Keep chugging, you will get there! I can make the same offer to you about borrowing my Dad if ya want...

    Glenn, Thanks man! Much appreciate the comments :)

    Bob, Yep, March on! We can beat the funk!

    Judith, Thanks! You are always so sweet :)

    Kris, LOL! The pup's name is scooter I think. I snagged his photo somewhere years ago and occasionally modify him with GIMP for this sort of post :) I will get on the posting what's next stuff pretty quick I promise!

    Thanks for all the comments!


  9. Hey Funk Face!
    I LOVE that widget you got over there. Where can I find it so I can steal it for myself? I think about your balance post whenever I find myself getting TOO focused on one thing (to the exclusion of all else). I guess it was powerful enough to stick in my old noggin. So gracias, amigo!

    Your pop sounds like a wise man. I'm gonna follow his lead :) So post something (even if it involves something boring...you know....wires and such.) Ok, I think I'm gonna mosey over to your better half's blog now :)