Monday, March 28, 2011

Dremel Shmemel...

I have always been a fan of rotary tools! There is almost no limit to the things you can make with them and their uses cover a wide range of applications. The Foredom flexshaft system above is my new favorite tool! So far I haven't been able to actually perform any tasks with it due to my strange need to stare at it repeating "my precious" in a whispery voice :)

Also in the pic above, there are a few additions to the base config that I went ahead and bought now knowing I would use them. The bench mounting yolk, the hammer handpiece, desktop speed controller and the polishing bit set should help with a lot of the jewelry work I have in mind. I still have tons of diamond tipped as well as stone points and other cutters left unused from dead Dremels of days past.  

I should have some fun creations to post soon!


  1. have fun with your new 'toy'!...the one with the most toys wins!!

  2. We have worn out more than one Dremel. They are good for so many things!

  3. I love good tools too! Very cool.

  4. A man needs a good set of tools. And, I find myself with that same strange obsession, I often refer to my motorcycle as "My Precious". Odd.

  5. Nice! Looking forward to seeing your creations!

  6. Yer post has gotten I.M. stumped a tryin' to figure out what a dirmel are, which I one'st thought I knowed. Based on yer righten, I.M. guessin' it might be of middelin east decensts. Like a comboination of a whirly dirvish and a camel, so it are called a dirmel. Any feller that wood whisper 'my Precious' to somethin' like that has got have rocks in his head like you was a sayin' y'all got. Hope I.M. were able to decifer yer post fer others that mite bee a scractin' there heads to.

  7. Don't know what it is........but glad you do. I bet you can't start a Bon fire with it to roast hot dogs.

  8. Hi Sue & Doug! Shhhh, I keep trying to convince people it's a tool :) Who am I kidding?! They know better! Thanks for stopping in as always!

    Yep Marikay! Rotary tools are great! I burned up several Dremels before going with this one(a Foredom), I guess I must push them too hard though it never seemed like it...

    Hey Tesaje, Yeah! fellow tool lovers unite! Thanks for the comment!

    Michael, Nothing odd about that man! Can't think of any other serious bike owners that feel different! Bikes and tools are definitely in my blood too!

    Thanks Ryan and Nicole! Me too :) I guess I better get busy!

    I.M.Vayne What?? LOL! I need a translator I think :)

    Ha Anne! I might have tried it anyway that day though! The torch didn't seem to be getting the job done either! Still one of the funniest memories I have from last year! Didn't the dog end up with the hot dog in the end anyway? LOL!