Saturday, February 19, 2011

Missed Mod, LED Dash Illumination

Wow that is a horrible picture! Sorry about that :( It really doesn't give a very good idea at how well this mod worked out. In reality, that eerie glow doesn't show up to the human eye. The numbers and letters are illuminated perfectly with a bright but very pleasant blue color and the overall appearance is much improved IMHO.

I titled this as a "missed mod" because it was actually done last year but the lousy picture made me hesitant to post it. I thought I could get a better one with a higher quality camera, now I know better, I need a better photographer! Good thing I don't have to make a living on my mad camera skillz.... 

The bulbs were purchased from Super Bright LEDs. There are several options to replace the original #194 bulbs (shown on the right above), on the left, you can see the 4 LED version I opted for. I ordered 12, all blue which was enough to replace all the original bulbs. If I had to do it over, I would have ordered a few green and red to match the turn signal arrows and various warning lamps. Now it is all very blue!

This was the start of an ongoing project to replace all of the lighting (wherever possible) with LED's both in and outside of Taj.  The more entertaining part will be the custom fixtures for the main living area. 


  1. Actually, I kinda like it. But then I really like blue.

    Very clever idea. Just wondering, though - are you doing this to save energy? LEDs last longer, don't they?

  2. Hi mike, Good work! I recently replaced the dash lights on my goldwing rathack with white leds from Superbright LEDS myself.....I think the idea of a different color would have been great! I bought too many to go to colors now though...:^)

  3. Thanks for the comments :)

    Hey Margaret, I like that the LEDs are more efficient, but for the dash, the color and the longer life were more important. It helps too that they are cooler. For the rest of them in the coach that are coming soon, the efficiency is the more important factor by a long shot.

    Hey Bri, Thanks! Going high tech on the Honduh huh?! Sweet :) When you going to swap the boring bulbs out of chinookie?


  4. I have predominantly red in mine right now (it came with the vehicle), but I'd love to go over to blue because it's a more peaceful, easier-to-read color. Nice mod, good company to buy LEDs from.

  5. We replaced our reading lights with the LED because the bulbs we had in would get very hot after only being on a short time. The LED stay cool.

  6. Mike....I will do Chinookie as soon as one of the dash bulbs burns out and I have a reason to pull the dash apart. I do have a sweet LED dome lite that I use but I don't use the other interior lites enough to make up the cost of new bulbs.

    I finally got some Gaffer's ordered so I can tape up any annoying chrome on the Hon-dozer.....

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