Friday, February 4, 2011

Comfort through Confidence!

Heidi and I have always considered comfort in this lifestyle to be high on our priority list.  We feel that living a more simple life in a smaller space doesn't mean we have to sacrifice quality of life.  Comfort, however, does not only come from suitable or even plush accommodations, rather there are many sources.

A discussion about drivers/vehicle licenses prompted this topic. My viewpoint in that discussion being that having all related licenses and insurance tied to the same state and preferably the same address, would mean less explanation in the event of a traffic stop. Having your bases covered in these areas and others, makes it easier to relax while driving, offering a bit more peace of mind in my experience. Anything that causes uneasy feelings or prevents relaxation, interferes with comfort to some degree. Vehicle maintenance can really influence confidence!

Knowing that you are okay on finances, food, fuel, water etc, also increases confidence and in that, comfort. Now the scenarios that come to my mind are those times when things go unexpectedly wrong. What then? How do you increase your confidence when times can be so uncertain? Easy answer, by being better prepared for those times.

Our blogger friend, Sonja at, recently made a very detailed post on "bug-out-bags and survival kits" that is well worth reading. Lets face it, things happen otherwise band-aids and fire-extinguishers would be unnecessary. A mechanical problem while remote boondocking could easily put any of us in a survival situation. There are endless scenarios of how it could happen and why being prepared is wise.

To go a step further even, what if you find yourself alone with only the clothes on your back? While it is even more unlikely, it is still possible. In that case, knowledge of very primitive skills would improve your circumstances and perhaps even save your life. By primitive skills, I am referring to the ability to make cordage from plant fiber or bark, make a cutting edge from broken stone, start a fire, find water and ensure it is safe to drink, identify food that can be gathered or hunted/caught, construct a protective shelter, navigate to safety, and signal for help.

Everyone of course has to determine the things that will give them peace of mind as they continue the journey. If you haven't put much thought into it, I encourage you to. As with everything else, I believe finding the right balance is key.


  1. Absolutely spot-on, and thought-provoking to boot. Without the confidence that you are capable of handling most situations that are likely to occur as a result of your lifestyle (be it full- or part-time mobile dwelling), everything else will fall to pieces.

    And honestly, that all really applies to all aspects of life.

  2. i do love my little luxuries, but you are so right about skills and confidence! i think people tend to think survival is only about some distant armegeddon scenario, but as you say, is as close as being lost or a mechanical breakdown or.....

    great post, sweet mike!

  3. EXCELLENT post Mike! I agree completely.

    Keeping my Little One safe will be my greatest concern once we hit the road. As long as she is ok, I can handle anything else.

    Hope you are feeling much better now.

  4. I've been thinking of this lately too and trying to learn a bit so I know a bit of what to do if something happens or I get stuck somewhere.
    I do need more skills though...


  5. Good post Mike...there is no one I would rather be with on the road with than my husband...he is the ultimate survivor if it came down to it. That being said I am determined to learn more myself this summer...I want to feel confident being on the road by myself if I able to pull my own trailer.. my biggest problem is I get lost so I can learn..even if I only go 100 miles a day...

  6. So true.. great post! We've got a lot to learn in preparation for living and cruising on our sailboat! Confidence will play a big role.

  7. Thanks for all the great comments! Very much appreciate them!