Saturday, February 12, 2011

Canadian Invasion! :)

Heidi, myself, and VanDad had the pleasure of finally meeting and visiting with Sandy, who is a part-time Vandweller from Canada and an all around great guy! He stopped by on his way back home from the Quartzsite Az get-together.
This first-time meeting was actually supposed to take place on last year's return trip but a pretty serious rear end collision prevented it. Luckily, Sandy was okay and, with a bit of work, was able to rebuild the van above back to road worthy status.  

I always enjoy seeing how others go about setting up their vans for mobile living. Sandy is a great craftsman and very resourceful. His van is an excellent example of using doner rigs to provide reasonably priced parts for the build. Even the high top was sourced from a parts van, reconditioned and then installed. It was all very well done!

Last night was particularly enjoyable as our great friend, and fellow VanTramp, Gary stopped by for a few hours as well. It is always a great time with Gary around!


  1. How neat meeting others that share the joy of your living style. I always enjoy reading your blog....keep up the good work.

  2. Vandweller... i've learned a new word.. thanks! Considering i'm considering a van like the one pictured up top, that's good to know! :-)

  3. Hey Anne, Thanks! We have so much fun meeting friends this way! It was great meeting you!

    Amberjoon, Check out the Yahoo Vandwellers group for a lot of great info. If you are talking about the white van, "Taj" up top, you can learn a ton about them on the Yahoo Roadtrek group too. Thanks for commenting :)


  4. You met Sandy? Isn't he ultra nice? I met him in Q, when was it, last year? We had some good laughs along with loverise and grandmahugababy. Good times.

  5. I, too, had the pleasure of meeting Sandy at Quartzite, this year. there is no shortage of laghter when he's around! Can't wait to meet again!