Friday, December 3, 2010

Friends & Monkey business in Quartzite!

The image above doesn't depict our usual activity in the desert, I promise! This is a very specific and sorta strange situation that was a long time overdue and no one really knows why :) But it is now documented on the internet and for all time. Mar fulfilled her responsibility as the Vantramps Remote Kicking System(VTRKS) and gave Bri the buttlift he was scheduled for quite a while back.

Speaking of Mar, It was wonderful to finally meet her as we have been friends online for a few years now. She is quite a fun gal with a great travel sense and a fun blog to read! Check it out here -->

Bri, of course, you know from our recent blog about Truth Or Consequences NM. We always have a great time with him! This was no exception!

Our other friend Remi is pictured here behind Brian above. his Van is the blue one beside Taj in the next image.

If you look closely on the back of Mar's Class C above, you can see something strange hanging from the ladder!

It's a nutty group of Van Monkeys! Top to bottom, Jimal and Tiberius then Mimi (all ours)and Chunky Munkee (Bri's) then Bocephus (ours again) and Cornelia who he has his arms around (Mar's).. The Sock Monkey has become a bit of a Vantramp mascott. Seems many of our friends keep them along as co-pilots these days :)

 We really had a great time with our friends and as always the visits seem so short, but we will see them again soon I am sure!  Mar, Bri, and Remi, drive safe friends and enjoy the adventure!


  1. Looks like you are in for some fun times down there.

  2. My butt still hurts....she is a really strong kicker...never, and I mean never...get on the Kicking List even if you don't know what caused it..;^)

    Big fun with great people and if you can get Mar to stay ANYWHERE for more than a night, you are doing amazing work!

    See you folks soon....
    Hugs, AstroBri

  3. Haha i love Heidi's sock monkeys! Glad to have met you guys this past week, have fun out there in the desert! it's too dry for me! :P

  4. Bro Bri, you should really stop whining. I went toooooo easy on you LOL

    And I am too ADD to stay in one place more than one night, sorry :-)

  5. Big Brother Mike, this is my favorite post ever!!! (great pics btw)

    Yes, the visit was too short but I am so glad I finally got to meet you all. I had a really nice time.

    Good to hear I at least have some travel sense, since I don't seem to have much of any other kind of sense LOL

    Luv ya all!!!

  6. Love the sock monkeys, what a neat mascot idea.
    Looks like a fun time was had by all.

  7. It was fun & I'll be back for the rendezvous, if not before. * hugs to you both *

  8. Thanks for all the sweet comments! Yep, we had a great time as always! Can't wait to see all of our friends again