Friday, November 12, 2010

Truth or Consequences.....New Mexico :)

Heidi and I have been enjoying a little mini get-together of wonderful folks here at Bri's place in TorC.  This place has a really great vibe, relaxed and just down right friendly! The Gal in the picture above with Bri and Dina Dog is Kittie, another vantramping friend that showed up in her sweet 04 Roadtrek with her sidekick "Tony" (that cute little papillon in her arms).

Ahh, I just love to see sweet van homes hanging out with Taj! Bri's little Chinookie is in the middle.

Our time spent together with Bri and our new friends, Wendy and Mikey, Kittie, Dean and Chris as well as the various fur kids, has been excellent! Lots of great food, good laughs and amazing info passed around. Heidi and Kittie enjoyed one of the great hot spring soaks last night while Bri and I got his netbook setup with Linux. Yeah, I should have been in the hot tub too, but helping a friend transition to my favorite OS makes me pretty happy...(I am such a geek!)

Meeting up with like minded folks is just such a great benefit of this lifestyle! A lifestyle that many would believe is quite solitary and certainly can be if desired, is really full of amazing opportunities.  Don't let them pass you by!

Definitely stop by Bri's blog and check out his pics from his Africa trip he just returned from :)


  1. I have been approached by so many people ever since I moved into a van. With the motorhome I was invisible in a van I became approachable. I will say this - the nicest people I have met on the road are folks that live in a van or folks that really really really want to live in a van. It has helped get me out of my shell.

    You are a geek if you gave up the opportunity of a great hot spring soak. :-)

    Monday we will be hunting hippos in Texas.

  2. Mike and Heidi,

    I just had to tell you that one of the answers in this morning's (Saturday's)New York Times crossword puzzle is 59 Across: SOCKMONKEYS. I had to laugh because I got the answer solely thanks to reading your blog. The clue: "kitschy stuffed toys".

    BTW, I'm really enjoying your blog and dreaming about one day ....

  3. So fun to see the 'vans' all parked together! Did you guys get my wave as I zoomed through New Mexico yesterday? Have a great trip home to the PNW. :)

  4. wow looks like you had a great time! Truth & Consequences is marked on our map once we become "unstuck" in Little Rock! I hope we get a chance to meet friends along the way, so far it has been just Trey and I. We are still having a blast anyways! :D

  5. Thanks for the comments!

    Hey Pepper, funny how that works eh?! Vans just seem to draw the attention like that! And yeah, I think skipping the hot tub in favor of a linux install was a bit more geeky than normal, even for me :)

    Kimbopolo, that is excellent! Sock Monkeys rule :) Thanks for the kind words! Hope your "one day" comes soon!

    Hi Diana, I thought that was you waving :) That trip back to the PNW is sometime in the spring! Lots of fun to have here in the SW first! Thanks though!

    Laura Anne, You will love TorC! Pretty cool area! You should get a hold of Bri and see if he is around when you come through, I bet he would love to meet you! We sure are looking forward to it!


  6. I have to add Truth or Consequences NM to our places to visit in NM. We where in NM last week but just driving through on our way back to Wi.

  7. TRUTH OR CONSEQUENCES??? What an amazing name!!! Obviously I didn't grow up here... but American place names are BRILLIANT!!! I think I want to live there!!!!

  8. Just stopping by to say hello and catch up on your blog since we have now found WiFi!! =0)

    Have fun and stay safe! {{hugs}}

    Angie & Family

  9. Hi there! Ran into this site while looking for info . . . you all seem to be our kind of people and, as we are soon going to be among you, look forward to running into you on the road (figuratively).
    I've been doing this since I was a child (60 years ago) and now that our kids are raised, will do it again. My wife is a military brat and van-sized, and loves this life.
    So, look for a '94 white GMC Vandura with "Paperback Writer" on the front license plate and we'll see you OTR.
    Jim and Tess