Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving in Quartzite

Happy Thanksgiving from Quartzite AZ! Heidi and I have been enjoying our stay in the area so far! Up until today we had been boondocking quite a ways from town where it has been very peaceful, with the coyote above our only visitor. He seems to have located the only trash we have seen since we have been here. The area is very clean overall, much different than many other places we have been. 

For Thanksgiving, we decided to stay at an RV park in town where we could utilize shore power and not put the extra draw on the battery bank for all the cooking this holiday entails. Heidi slaved away in our tiny galley making chicken, stuffing, mashed potatoes & gravy, and green beans. This small but wonderful feast was enjoyed by her, myself and Remi, a nice, fellow VanTramp who showed up in Quartzite late last night. We were glad to finally get to meet him and share a meal! See his blog here --> Cajun Gypsy

Taj picked our arrival in the desert as the appropriate time to suffer a failed coach water pump.  The picture above was taken during my attempt at repairing it with a new pump head.  That repair turned out to be a waste of $25 and a lot of time. I really am not known for JUST repairing stuff anyway. Time for a long planned upgrade! We had been wanting to setup a water filtration system anyway so this just forces my hand to start that project a little earlier.  After I do a little research and find the best filter system to use, that and a variable speed FloJet pump will get installed to replace the old noisy SureFlow. I will detail the process in another post hopefully before long. 

At the end of the day, as I sit and finish off this post, I really am thinking of all the things I have to be grateful for.  Our family and our friends, which includes you reading here as well, are at the top of that list! Life as a Vantramp really is an amazing, adventurous journey! Thanks to you all sharing it with us! 


  1. Quartzite is a great spot in the Winter. Happy Trails!

  2. Glad to hear you had a happy thanksgiving! I know we did :D I'm sure its a bit warmer there~ in Albuquerque it snowed yesterday with lows under 20 degrees! Sure glad we have a nice warm house to stay in :D

    happy travels!

  3. We can't wait to get back to the desert...this moist and cold weather here in the Bay area of California is too much. But, it sure beats some of that other white stuff others are dealing with already.

    We are grateful that you take the time to share your stories with us and we learn so much from you.

    We thought we would be needing a new pump too because it was making a louder noise but after Jerry tightened it back down, the loud noise ceased. Good luck with your water pump system project and we look forward to reading about it.

  4. Happy late Thanksgiving to you both......glad you had a nice day. So are you going to stay in the area or head out for new adventures?

  5. And a Happy Thanksgiving to my friends Mike and Heidi, from 37 degree Denver where the lake is starting to freeze :)


  6. Happy Thanksgiving you two!! And thank you for the time you take to blog and share with all of us.


  7. Thanks for the comments everyone! We really have been enjoying Quartzite! Wish you could all join us!

    Big Sky, Yep. it is perfect right now, not too hot or cold :)

    Laura Anne, Glad to hear you stayed warm in a house, 20's does not sound like fun!

    Kimberly and Jerry. I would take cold and moist air over white stuff any day! Most of my family is dealing with that snow right now, I can live without it!

    Anne, We will be here for much of the winter, off and on. We may head to TorC NM again or Pahrump NV sometime as well, but for now, this is pretty comfortable!

    Meg 37? Thats not sooo bad at least!

    Les, Thanks to you my friend!

    I really hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving too!


  8. Happy Thanksgiving and enjoy Quartzsite. It's looking like we may make it out for New Years.

  9. Mike I (see) you found my blog today. Welcome, I have loved your writing for a while. Keep it going. I live in my B 2 to 4 months of the year. Me and the famous Chief. Now I have the big Motorhome, for when I carry company.

  10. Well, I guess you inhaled Heidi's culinary masterpieces before you could take pictures!! Glad you guys had a great Thanksgiving. I'm gonna tell you both a secret. Ever since Heidi reminded me our house had wheels and to just drive outta this snow, I've been getting HITCH ITCH!!! (Gee, thanks Heidi) What are you doing to me, woman!!!

  11. I love the desert ! Your T Day feast sounded yummy! Thank you for your well wishes. Ben and I are planning on traveling together in a few months. He is converting a huge van truck for us as soon as he gets a bit better! I'll send you a picture of it

  12. Belated Happy Thanksgiving to you all. Sounds like you had a wonderful meal and great company. Love the coyote, I actually heard one before we left Texas almost as pretty sounding as a whip-o-will.