Friday, November 19, 2010

St George and beyond!

After our excellent time spent with our friend Brian in Truth Or Consequences, Heidi and I set out for St George Utah to meet up with daughter Jay for a few days.

The route we took was suggested to us by Brian based on altitude and weather.  The general idea being to stop at a "reasonable" half way point of Winslow AZ for the night, completing the remaining miles the next day (Total of 685).  Things don't always go as planned of course... The temps in Winslow were expected to drop to a frigid 24 degrees and given the 5500' altitude, we chose to push on to Page AZ instead(529 miles for the day). Page was a more tolerable 4300' and 34 degrees.

Out in the desert, just west of Socorro NM, we found some amazing free WiFi!

Just kidding :)  That large array of dishes is apparently used for Radio Astronomy, which I had not heard of. You can read about it here -->  It was impressive to see!

Just outside of Page, The Glen Canyon Dam and Lake Powel were beautiful sights first thing in the morning. They brought back fond memories for Heidi of time spent boating with her Dad many years ago.

Our visit with Jay was short, but fun as always. We picked her up in St George and went on to Mesquite NV, for a few days spent with Heidi's Mom and Dad. This was the first time I had met her folks and wasn't surprised to find them both very kind and interesting. We really had a nice time there!(Entirely legit feelings, none of that "expected" sucking up to the inlaws here!)

On the way out of St George towards our current location (Quartzite AZ) we spotted this "Expedition" style RV and thought it a worthy parting shot as you just don't see many Pinzgauers around.


  1. Wonderful pictures. Isn't family fantastic? Happy to hear that the visit went great. Safe Travels...

  2. St. George and Mesquite! If I didn't know better, I'd think you guys were tailing me.

  3. I have noticed quite a few Roadtreks n the last few months. Or I have seen the same one in many places.

    When I do I always think of you and Heidi.

    Enjoy Arizona.

  4. guys do put on a lot of miles in a day. We usually only put on 2 to 300 per day, we use to do the 600 but then decided we make the time to only do half as much per day.

    We spent a lot of time in St George our first year out here, what a beautiful place...enjoy your travels.

  5. When I see a camper van, I always think of Heidi & Mike. And Glenn as well. (Even though I know they are nowhere near my southeastern longitude, my head swivels all the same).

  6. I hope to be a full-timer in a Roadtrek within the next 18 months. Question for you - is there a reason to avoid the cold, other than not liking it? Do the water pipes/pumps freeze and break things? Could I carry water inside to avoid that, and live in the cold, or is it really impossible? Thanks!

    Sounds like you are hitting some of my favorite places, although I have never actually seen the "Very Large Array." Have to put it on my list!

    Julie in PA

  7. Yep Pepper, Family is fantastic :) Thanks!

    Not a chance Glenn LOL! You went too far South and West for us. The last time we went through LA was more than enough :)

    Thanks Merikay! We are definitely enjoying AZ so far!

    Kim & Jerry, St George was really beautiful! We really enjoy that area too! The crazy one day mile marathons are not my first choice at all. Unless we are driving toward a planned destination, I am happy to stop and stay anywhere we see that looks interesting normally. Those long days of driving take it out of me!

    Kimbopolo, Can I call you kim? :) Where is your South Eastern longitude? We probably cruised by it in the last few months! If you ever do see us out there, flag us down! We love meeting our online friends!

    Hi Julie, Good luck to you on finding the perfect vanhome! There are some of the water lines and all of the holding tanks that are exposed to the elements on an RT. I intend on insulating ours at some point, but out of the factory, they are not great in freezing temps. You can keep water jugs inside though as you mentioned and get by okay, just have to make sure the rest of the rig is winterized adequately. Hope that helps!

  8. If you see a hitchhiker trying to make her way out of the snow here in Utah, give her a just may be me, Junior, and Jonathan. This cold is for the birds...not even for the birds! They're smart enough to head south for the winter.

    Glad you guys are having fun with family. Nothing like it, huh?

  9. Wonderful photos! So glad you are having fun spending time with family!! {{hugs}}

    Sorry to hear you passed up Gulf State Park in Alabama but the next time you are in the area put it on your list of parks to stay at! It's prefect! =0)

    Angie & Family

  10. Mike, You have a beautiful daughter, Great smile.
    I love your photos! I'm looking forward to seeing the beauty that is unique to the South West in the next few months. It's been over 20 years since I last visited the region. The SW is so very different from New England ,where I have lived for most of my life. Both beautiful places, certainly, but worlds apart in terms of flora and fauna.
    Elena (in sunny Florida for now)

  11. Thank you for the comment on my little house - I'd give anything to be on the road with you guys! No comparison, footloose and fancy free - keep it up, please, I live vicariously through your blog :-)