Sunday, November 7, 2010

Oh Wonderful Shower!

I just had a wonderful shower!  While it's on my mind, I think I'll blog... so I can say "my husband is a genius"! You may have read about his shower mods (blogged about here) and I may have been less than enthusiastic about taking the time to do the mod, but it sure is nice now!

He made our Roadtrek's bath into a wet-bath.  We can now sit down (or use the old stand up method).  It's great!  I now have no desire to use any other shower facilities.

Here's my method:
1. Turn on the hot water heater and roll up the carpet (I usually sweep the floor at this time)
2. Gather my shower "stuff": 
  •   2 towels (I use cotton flower sack towels (they wrap around my hair and they dry *very* fast)
  •   long handled back brush
  •   shower scrunchie
  •   2 or 3 in one shampoo - shampoo, cream rinse, and body soap
  •   razor
  •   small plastic pitcher
  •   small plastic bin (we use these for many things)
3. Before the water gets too hot and I have to mix with cold water (about 10 minutes), I put a little warm water in a small pitcher and also a small bin.  I wet my hair and turn off the water.
4. I put my feet in the bin of warm water so I don't get chilled while washing my hair without the water on.  I shampoo my hair and I use the pitcher water if I need more lather.
5. Turn the water back on and rinse my hair - I wrap my hair up turban-style in a sack cloth towel.
6. I use the warm water pitcher and bin to wash and shave, before turning the water on one more time to rinse.  By this time I have to turn on the cold water tap or it's too hot.
7. At this point I've conserved lots of water and I'll take a moment to enjoy the water pressure!  Mike re-engineered the plumbing so we could use a regular water saving high pressure shower head.
8. Turn off the water and the water heater.

Ahhhhh, thanks Sweet Husband!


  1. Sounds very clever, and showering in your own space is the only way to go. Don't like those public showers at all, but I know lots of folds do. Just sayin....

  2. Sounds like you have that down to a fine art. Good for you!! Now just enjoy your shower!! :-)

  3. Just read your post about meeting Mikey and Wendy. What a coincidence to cross paths like that. You commented on our blog that you and Heidi had just left Texas as we got there. Where bouts in Texas were you? We're in DFW area for this month then will move further south as the cold air does too.

  4. I am impressed not only with the shower but the picture. We are in Hill Country Texas. It is beautiful here and the weather has been great. We plan to head south around Thanksgiving. I would definitely recommend this area. I would like to come back during the summer and do a float trip or two or three. Mom and I decided to stay in Texas for the winter and head to Tucson in March for our yearly physical. After that we are flying to Washington to see grandbabies!

  5. One other possible suggestion. We attached an aquarium thermometer with an external readout/alarm to our hot water tank (on the outside). With a bit of fussing, we discovered that the reading of 98 degrees (remember, this is the temp on the outside of the tank) was perfect for us. When we turn on the hot water, we turn on the alarm then when it goes off, we turn off the water heater. Now we never have to mix water for the shower/dishes, etc, it is always a good temp with no hot/cold mixing.


  6. Never thought to use cotton flour sack towels. Another great idea! Thanks.