Friday, November 12, 2010

Holy Scrap!

Linked from Holy Scrap Hot Springs (Mike, Heidi, Wendy, Mikey)

While visiting our good friend Brian in Truth or Consequences NM (see next post), I (Heidi) was logging onto our 3g internet when I saw another wireless internet signal named "Holy Scrap".  I thought that was strange since I follow a really great blog by that name.  I went to the blog Holy Scrap Hot Springs to see where they hail from and sure enough, Truth or Consequences!  Brian told me they were just over the fence from where Taj was parked and asked if I'd like to meet them. "That's crazy; oh yes I do!"

Holy Scrap Hot Springs is a magical homestead ... It's like an eco-friendly amusement park!

Wendy gave us a tour that included:

  • Papercrete construction
  • Vermiculture (worm composting)
  • Solar/battery system
  • Garden areas
  • Beekeeping
  • Wine/cheese making
  • Mikey's widget
  • Dehydrating
  • Etc., etc., etc., ...

We had discussions about simplicity, thermos cooking, composting toilets (humanure), foraging, laundry methods... well, you get the idea, all of my favorite topics!

We ended our visit with our own tour of Taj where we took the above posted picture.

Thanks Wendy and Mikey!


  1. Heidi

    Would love to know more about papercrete construction, thermos cooking, laundry methods - in fact everything please :-)

    I'm feeling a tinge of green - and it's not the eco friendly one LOL


  2. Thanks Dani! I'll be writing many more posts on these topics... here and at Vansteaders:

    Some of these topics have already been talked about a little at Vansteaders, like thermos cooking and laundry methods.

    Wendy shared a new laundry method with me that I can't wait to try out and blog about!

  3. Wow, that IS a really fascinating blog! And what a crazy coincidence! You guys must be living right.

  4. Yep, good clean livin'... that's what that is! haha

  5. Oh my gosh, you two are having WAY too much fun without me. It's so good to see your smiling faces again, though.

  6. So neat that you connected with Wendy and Mikey. They are magical people. You might also be interested in meeting Wendy's and my friend Gretchen Elsner in Athens, GA, who is building her own travel trailer from the ground up. She's here:

  7. I love the coincidence!! That's crazy!!!! Great to see a photo of you guys!!!

  8. Very cool Heidi! Sounds like you all had so much in common! Do they follow your Vansteading blog? Love that blog too... unique, informative & practical. I am listing both of your Mike's blogs + vandwellers facebook group in my about to be released eBook On How to set up & camp or live in a van/ vehicle + intro to various alternative dwelling options. I'll send you a copy when it is complete. :) All the best to you & Mike! I'll be on the road soon. Hope to see you both sometime in 2011. :) Blessings, Brenda (Blessed VanDweller)

  9. I am hoping to learn about all of those ways of life as well! Lucky~ I am also feeling a little "green" with envy! :P I hope I have the same opportunities in my future! I will be following Vansteaders, I have a lot to learn!


  10. Hey Kris, won't be long now! You can share our fun all ya like! We miss you!

    Heather, I agree! From the short time I got to be in their presence, it was quite obvious that they are rare and amazing people! Thanks for that link too! We will go check her blog out :)

    Hey Dara, that coincidence thing seems to run strong with us these days huh!? I am not sure if this one was quite as far out as ours with you, but pretty cool none the less!

    Brenda, you have been pretty busy eh :) Thanks for the kind words & mention, Will look forward to seeing you out on the road soon!

    Laura, should be lots of fun info getting passed around in the desert while you are there! I bet you have some great ideas to share too :) Can't wait to see you!