Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Vantramp get-togther with Kris (bittermoon)

Late one dark and stormy night, as the thunder crashed and the lightning lit up the night sky while...Never mind, it was early and the weather was perfect...I was going for dramatic effect there.  

While traveling from Minnesota to the St Charles area in Missouri, Heidi and I had the great fortune to meet up with our great Vantramp friend, Kris.

Like Heidi and I, Kris managed to duck out of the picture above, leaving only her new vanhome, "Glorie B", in the shot.  Glorie B is a 94 Roadtrek 190 and in excellent shape. Kris did very well with her shopping! 

We spent the evening talking and having a great time, learning about each other, comparing vanhomes, and really just enjoying a very relaxed visit. Kris is really an amazingly sweet person! She dropped everything she had planned for the day and drove all the way from Omaha Nebraska to meet up with us in Mt Pleasant Iowa. It really meant a lot to us! We are now missing her already! We can't wait to meet with her again, maybe in the Southwest for a much longer visit!

I haven't mentioned it on the blog in the past, but Heidi and I travel with 4 very interesting sock monkeys. They are sort of a Vantramp mascot and have many other stuffed simian friends out there on the road in other vanhomes. I am bringing it up now as it seems Kris also travels with a sock monkey and let us help her name the tiny little guy!

Meet Herman Darius! He is seen here sitting on Tiberius's lap who is sitting on his big brother, Bocephus's, lap.  Tiberius is quite happy that he is no longer the smallest monkey we know!

Kris is really quite an artist! She has created many beautiful pieces of jewelry that she has blogged about here: Bittermoon Designs  I know that she plans a new blog for her travels in her vanhome. I will update this blog post with that address when she starts it up :) 

 I had trouble getting a decent picture of the above bead/pendant she left us with, but I wanted to show it anyway. It is truly very beautiful in person! We really need a better camera! 

We have been implementing one of our other VanTramp friends, Charlene's, idea to exchange beads with fellow Vantramps/Vandwellers. It is a great idea and one that we encourage others to do as well. It is a great way to be reminded of those meetups and the fun that was shared!

Thanks again Kris! We wish you many happy, safe miles and can't wait to see you again!


  1. Cool post and I will check out her site and jewelry. Thanks for sharing..

  2. So glad you all got to meet up!! Isn't it fun????? It appears Kris is very talented. :-)
    Let us know the link to her blog when she gets it set up.

    Mike & Gerri (happytrails)

  3. I already knew Kris was sweet but I didn't know how talented she is! And now she has an RT and I'm jealous!!

    Herman Darius sure is tiny. Cornelia would love to meet him.

  4. Awww, Thanks so much, Mike. I feel so honored. I hope I can live up to your praise.

    BTW, you left out the part where you pretty much taught me everything I need to know about the upkeep of Glorie B. You rock!

    And you did pretty well with the pendant picture, actually. They are highly reflective and so VERY hard subjects to capture. You have a great camera.

    LOL Mar, Herman Darius would love that too.


  5. Love the sock monkeys! Have you seen that car commercial with the sock monkey partying with his friends? Love it! The pendant does look beautiful and will check out her site. Thanks!

  6. Thanks For all the comments! Kris is definitely an artist, I hope you all enjoy her site :)

    Meeting up with other travelers is really a lot of fun, we always enjoy it! We really feel like with Kris we gained another family member!

    I love that sock monkey commercial too Nellie! We laughed pretty hard the first time we saw it!


  7. When I needed to take a more close up picture than my camera phone was able to do, I used a magnifying glass in front of the camera lens and it helped to make the small objects more in focus for the camera. It took some steady hands to be able to do it and I was rather pleased with the results. Perhaps this trick would help you too!

  8. I noticed the sock monkey in an earlier post. I wasn't sure if it was your mascot or not. Mom and I have possums on our dash. They kind of remind me of my old friend Surely Not. Mom has them named... I can't remember what their names are.