Tuesday, October 26, 2010

My Perspective on AC...

Right now as we are in Florida, I have learned that I really hate AC... I am sure that makes no sense to most folks, but then, I don't really think like most people anyway :)  Seriously though, before we arrived here, I was completely set on pulling the air conditioner out of Taj and using that space for something else. Now I am even more certain of it thanks to my friend Captain, who can be a bit of a drama queen and said some things that, after some thought, only firmed up my position on the AC dilemma. 

My original thoughts behind getting rid of the air conditioner were based on a couple basic concepts. First and most importantly, Heidi and I don't want to be in a location that requires it. That is why we love that our home has wheels! We can drive away from such places!

Then of course there is the need for more power to run it. Battery banks and inverters just don't work well for AC. Taj is pretty small at 17' and hauling even a small generator that would only exist to support an air conditioner just doesn't work for us.

We could plug in to shore power of course, but that isn't the way we like to live either. We prefer to be out away from cords if we can.  Pulling the AC out of Taj would also give us more storage space for other things we would use more. So really, it seemed like a pretty easy decision.

Then came Florida...

Now, the muggy heat has us hiding inside with AC being the only thing to make life tolerable. Yep, it's coming out for sure now! I refuse to be trapped inside a van, unable to leave and enjoy the outdoors without dropping from heat stroke! Back to my drama queen friend's logic(Captain). This is a direct quote.

"You seem imprisoned by your closed mindset, you have to be ready to go where the mission takes you." 

It is in pink since I think it suits him :)  So let me consider his argument for a minute. He thinks I will be less "imprisoned" by sitting inside a van, unable to leave? I don't consider that an option...

Heidi and I can be quite comfortable in some pretty hot climates with just our fan and good venting. This is the first time we have ever truly needed the AC. From now on, we will time things better or just enjoy one of the many other beautiful parts of our country that isn't bent on cooking us!

Ruby Beach, on the Washington Coast, is the perfect example of a nice, cool beautiful spot!


  1. I'm with you...seems like one of the major pluses of van living would be the ability to move into a climate you are comfortable with...and out of one you're not!

  2. Amen, brother. Losing my AC unit is high on my to-do list once I get back to LA. I've probably used it twice in the past year.

  3. Your pictures are fantastic today. It looks cool there. I guess that's why they say pictures can be decieving. Stay safe.

  4. I have never really wanted to use the AC in our house, and would rather regulate the summer temperatures with open windows and pulled shades.

    My husband insists on turning it on. I think he is used to it because he is locked in an air conditioned work place all day. When it's hot I just hang in my basement studio.

    I think in a van, storage would be more important.

  5. I can definitely understand your points and totally agree. You know my situation though, with migraines I can't not have access to an A/C. Welcome back, by the way, lol. You're right though, Florida's heat and humidity combo is the worse, wet and sticky with a huge dose of muggy and buggy thrown in to the mix. I spent a decade trying to escape for reasons, lol.

  6. I agree!

    I was just at Ruby Beach last week and took a pic from the the same location ... beautiful!


    When you come back this way, feel free to use our driveway.

  7. What a gorgeous place on the coast in that photo! It's even a bit summery here--we are going to set more records for high temps in the next day or so. More like early May than October. Florida must be steamy.

    I await your report on removing the AC and making storage! I agree, I'd prefer to follow the mild weather and not hang out where AC is necessary. I can imagine times when that might be inconvenient, though.

  8. I live with someone who has breathing problems and the air conditioner is a must for her. I worry about the quality of air she is inhaling and I am relentless in cleaning the filter. I don't know if I could do without it. I know in Arizona I don't use it so I probably could. Storage is a must in a van that I agree with and I am two feet longer than you.

  9. I have a solution to he heat and humidity; come back to see us in Minnesota! We have snow! No AC necessary.

  10. A little heat does the body good:)

  11. Thanks for all the comments! I am surprised there are so many in favor of no AC! Helps to know that :)

    Pidge, that picture is of the coast in Washington State that I love so much, we are here in the hot muggy temps of Florida for the moment. Dreaming of that beautiful Ruby Beach! Well actually dreaming of the entire Olympic Peninsula! Love that place :)

    Hey Pepper, trust me, I know what you mean about that air filter and breathing issues! I considered that aspect seriously, but have found that usually, the cross flow ventilation and fans have been just fine for me at least. I know there are plenty of people that even have worse breathing issue than me though. Keeping the AC if you have a need is just smart! I had considered putting a HEPA filter system in where the AC was too which would still leave me a ton of space and filter my air out :) May still happen!

    I will keep you posted Judith!

    Hi Mom! Nice of you to drop by! I would love to come back and see you, but that snow just doesn't work for me! You better just get yourself out there on the road so you can have fun too!