Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Meeting up with fellow vantramps/travelers along the way.

Heidi and I have always enjoyed meeting up with other travelers along the way! Some have been chance meetings with like-minded folks, but most have been with friends we know from our involvement in various groups, blogs, and forums online.  

The cute little rig above was our friend in Port Angeles, Gary's last live in. He has now upsized to a full sized Chevy Van, but we were so impressed with "Baby" and his talents for making such a small place comfortable.  "Small space", perspectives are a funny thing :) 

I mentioned Gary first since he had a home base in the same town as my Dad's place is located. The picture above was taken at Freshwater Bay a mile from Dad's driveway. We really miss that area! Before and after Gary, we had/have met many of our online friends on the road or at a gathering here and there. I can't recommend this type of meetup enough! There is always something to learn, always great memories to share, and always wonderful friendships made.  

Many of our online friends are still in planning stages as well. One such friend, and quite a character, is known as Cap, or Captain Van Dweller to be specific. We are on our last day of a visit with him at his place in here in Kentucky and have had a wonderful time getting to know him better! He is a bit camera shy however so trying to post a picture of him here is a futile effort at best! 

It is always interesting to see how a person is in real life that you have only conversed with online. We have been surprised to find that over and over, people are very similar to how we guessed they would be.  Even the super secretive ones like Cap, who does of course have a real name but prefers his privacy and we respect that.

Be careful of course, take any precautions that make sense, but if you get the chance to share a campfire or meal with a fellow traveler, go for it! You may find another life long friend!


  1. We love meeting other RV folks through blogs and yahoo groups. We keep trying to make all these people we meet online into personal meet-ups. This weekend we are camping with another Safari owner couple we met on a Safari yahoo group! We have met face to face twice now, and realized we have so much in common, we are now going tomorrow to camp together for 4 days!

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  2. Definitely a cool side effect to being in a mobile lifestyle. It makes the possibility of meeting online friends a lot easier, as well as all the other benefits too, or course.

    Glad y'all had such a wonderful time.


  3. Trey and I are excited to be able to meet you and Heidi at the kick off of our trip! Looks like we have a similar route to what yours is, so I am sure we will be meeting up several times in the future! Be safe and hope to see you soon!

    Laura & Trey

  4. We love Kentucky and I have a sister living there. Meeting other RVers makes it all worth it. Stay safe.

  5. Yeah, yeah, yeah ... but the question is WHEN are you going to come meet your favorite little sister?!?!?

  6. met up with the infamous Cap!! Cool. You know all the peopole in this group seem like really incredible folks. SOmedoay soon when I am on the road I hope to meet you ALL!

  7. Ok Mike, I'll continue to play along and act as though I believe that Cappy is real and not just your alter ego....I must warn you though that I have heard rumblings that Cappy is in the Federal Witness Program and another rumor he is actually Elvis Presley....just lettin' you know...

    I'll keep it quiet on VanDwellers Yahoo though....


  8. Hi guys, my name is Terry and I am currently a musician on a national tour of a musical theater show; I have contemplated living in a Class B for some time now; I've been doing some researching and I have decided that I would like to take a look at a RT 170 (maybe 190?), probably 1996-2003 or so; I will have about $15,000 to spend in December... is there any chance that you guys (or anyone else with these types of B's) might be in either the Tempe area this week (through Oct 24) or San Diego (Oct 25-31) and would allow me to check out your B? Thanks so much! :)

  9. Hey Mike & Heidi! You guys have been pretty busy making your house look great! Don't you just love how a little goes a long way in a house on wheels? Shoot, I put up a hook for my baseball cap, & I thought that was a pretty nifty mod :)

    Glad to see you are both up to no good (the masked man cracked me up!) I could picture Heidi urging Mike to saddle up for the blog photo op....hehe!