Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Improved boondocking page.

Just a quick post to announce a few small improvements to the "Free Boondocking/Resources" page in my menu above.  It originally only contained info on locations that we have used personally and could vouch for. It still is based on that concept, but now also includes places we have found free dump stations, potable water, spots to legally deposit trash, and good sources to fill the LP tank as needed.  We will also list any free shower facilities we see and WiFi Hotspots. Other than the showers and WiFi, if it is listed, we have used them and found them decent. Taj's shower is excellent and we have Verizon 3G so those the showers and WiFi are just by observation.

The pic above really has no particular relevance to this post, but I like it :)


  1. Hmmm, that view looks suspiciously familiar, lol. The new format sounds cool. I really like the idea.

  2. Ok, dumb question (yeah, yeah, there are no dumb questions and all that crap), anyway, can you stand up straight in a class B? Never been in one...well, my uncle's axe murderer van (you know the type...scary old, beat up, and dirty). Well, I sure couldn't stand up straight in there. But then again, there was a lot of old fast food paraphernalia on the floor boards, so who knows!

  3. Yeah Nellie, you can stand in Taj. Most real Class B's are tall enough inside. Taj is just at 6' so there isn't tons of head room, but I am 6' and must slouch since I never hit my head and feel quite comfortable. The overall height outside looks less because RT's use a dropped floor to give more space inside :)


  4. I appreciate the info on wifi. I depend on free wifi and don't use aircards or anything else. It's that ole frugal thing. Great post.

  5. Nice picture! i will have to check your updated links, thanks for sharing! :)

  6. Hey thee - I like your blog! Yes, we are in a more sedentary life - until the child finishes school, then we will be outta here! You guys will keep the dream alive..... Meanwhile, I plan to keep the simple lifestyle going.

    Here is my 320 sq ft home for three:

    Thank you! I enjoyed stopping at your place!