Friday, October 22, 2010

The Coffee Solution!

Anyone that knows me well, would expect I am referring to something like the above as the solution to fill our coffee needs, but not this time. I think that little machine is pretty sexy, no doubt, but the solution to which I am referring, is far less complicated and provides an amazing cup of jo with minimal effort.

A little history is in order before I go on. Heidi and I could argue that coffee, for us, is a medical necessity. Like many, our mornings pre-coffee are scary at best, filled with lots of confusion and mumbling. I am pretty much incapable of speech without my fix, uttering only grunts while pointing to Conrad, (my coffee mug). 

We have tried many methods to satisfy our need while on the road. The French Press, while nice, was a hassle to clean up and store. It also had a few parts that wore out and needed replacements that were not easy to locate. 

We tried using the old campfire style perkolator on the cooktop. Same issue, a pain to clean up after, 

We also attempted using the coffee singles (like tea bags) but never found any that we cared for. 

A drip style coffee maker just uses more electric and has the same cleanup issues as well as requiring more space to store so that never made the list.

One solution that worked out well, was to stop by one of the many convenience stores and fill a thermos or two with coffee for the afternoon and next morning. Still a reasonable method, but a little more money and sometimes the coffee just isn't that good. 

The final answer came by way of my brilliant 
mother :) After being pleased with her experience, Mom recommended we try Taster's Choice Gourmet Roast. This is instant coffee that is amazing!

What we have found works really well is to fill our Thermos with hot water the night before so there is no delay in that first morning cup! Throughout the rest of the day, great coffee is easily had by either  microwave or stove-top and there are no grounds to throw out and clean up after. It truly is an excellent solution for the Vantramp! 

We have never been fans of instant coffee until now.  Pretty sure this is love!


  1. I'll definitely have to check it out. I have a coffee pot for heating water for noodles, but never used it for coffee for the same reason. I'll definitely have to try that out. :)

  2. Ah...if it were only so easy. :)

    My machine of choice (the one on my counter at home) isn't as ornate as the one in your photo but it's a wonderful espresso machine called a Quick Mill Andrea Premium (

    Now that we're (motor) home owners (Monica came home Tuesday evening) we don't know quite how to replace the Andrea, which along with the macho grinder is just too large.

    You may have hit on a great cup of regular joe but we don't drink "coffee" per se, just espresso. So if you've run across a solution to that dilemma please let me know!

    1. Hi Les,
      Medaglia D'Oro instant espresso coffee is FABULOUS. Can be found at Whole Foods ($5 for 2 oz jar), or purchased online at It is my instant coffee of choice; I just use a little less for a normal cup o joe, and more when I want that full espresso flavor. ENJOY!

  3. Merci bien Mike. I'll check that brand out. I was dreading the cleanup and hassle of the press in the small space and had been looking for alternatives.

  4. I'm going to try it too. I've been looking for a good brand of instant coffee for some time now, just to keep in the kitchen cupboard for those times I'm in a real hurry for my coffee fix. I'm another person who just can't function well without my daily coffee.

  5. We will have to give it a try!

    Last weekend we saw a pickup truck camper with the hood of the truck open, engine running, and an electric drip coffeemaker perched on the radiator! It was plugged into a small inverter unit that was clamped directly onto the truck's battery. What a hoot! When ya want yer coffee, ya want yer coffee!

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  6. A manual drip like a Melitta with the paper filter works well & is easy to clean. Even better if you drip it into a thermos. Just boil the water & pour. Dump the grounds & filter into the trash when done. I've done that even for car camping.

    Since I really like good coffee, I'm pretty skeptical that even this instant could meet my tastes. I will probably try it. If it isn't, I can always use it in a mocha cake or something.


  7. I will definitely let ma know about this post. She has been trying to find a great tasting instant coffee.

  8. I am NOT kidding. We are avid coffee drinkers... we like our espresso.... love it even. I JUST bought a jar of this EXACT COFFEE three days ago. It's IN my cupboard right NOW. And it's really, really, really GOOD!!!

  9. My Mom used that coffee years ago and always said it was the best instant on the market. One problem solved... Stay safe.

  10. Thanks for the comments! When you guys try it out, let me know what you thought! I am really still amazed at how good it is. We tried a few of the other TC flavors and they just didn't work for us, but this "Gourmet Roast" is excellent!

    Les, not sure what to tell ya, I stopped drinking the fu-fu coffee's quite a while ago. (grew out of it LOL!) Kidding :) Your new rig is big enough to put a decent machine in though isn't it?

    Hey Dara, add that one to the many other coincidences!

  11. I finally picked up some of this stuff. It is surprisingly decent. I got the French roast version as I like my coffee very bold and strong. I can't say it is as good as my Equal Exchange Midnight Sun fresh ground and made in my French Press, but it is a very acceptable shortcut when needed. Amazing. Thanks for the tip!


  12. I'm a tea drinker myself, for the most part, from expensive English Breakfast (Twinings) to dirt-cheap Chinese black from my local Asian market. I'm getting ready to hie myself off into the sunset, so your idea about putting hot water into a thermos for the next morning's eyeopener hit the spot. See you on the road.

  13. I say this blog needs a picture of Conrad, being he is so important to you and all ;-)

  14. I am so glad there are others out there unwilling to give up their daily caffeine fix! I am going to scour every store in the state until I find a vendor. Thanks for the tip!

  15. I am addicted to my daily "CofTea" which is a mixture of Mint Medley tea and my favorite coffee Caribou Brand, Caribou Blend. Yum yum yum, and I brew them only briefly together in my wonderful AeroPress that I got from Amazing device for espresso or whatever strength of brew you like. And it takes up very little space ;) We bought it for use in our camper but now use it at home and away.