Monday, September 6, 2010

Wow! Looks like Fall!

It is getting cooler finally and there have already been a few trees changing! The colorful one in the picture above was seen at my Dad's place in Port Angeles last year however. There really have been a few of the local Minnesota trees starting to show the signs that summer is over though.

After spending most of this wonderful Summer hanging out with my Sister Traci and her amazing family in Ogilvie, Heidi and I are now again just a few hours further North at my Mom's house. We will be here less than a week before we are off again, headed for the North Shore of Lake Superior to hang out with about 19 other Class B'ers.

So Back to Mom's, well what are we going to do here? Hopefully, just relax, whup up on Ma in our usual cribbage battles and try to catch up with my blogging. I am happy to report the whupping has already begun!


  1. The trees here in the U.P. are just beginning to turn. We're moving Thursday over closer to the south shore of Superior at McLain State Park for a week. I think then we'll seriously consider our migration south slowly. You and Heidi travel safe and don't get whupped too much. Oh yea, if you get over our way, we'll break out that stew.

  2. I noticed the trees are starting to change colors here too! I'm going to see my first real fall...can't wait :)

    Safe travels you two!

  3. Hey BW and Carol! Thanks for the comment! Yeah, believe me, if Heidi and I are anywhere near you, we will look you up! That stew looked pretty wonderful to me! We always enjoy meeting fellow travelers too! I can imagine the UP is starting to look pretty amazing right about now! We just returned from the North Shore of MN and saw some incredible shows of color up there! It's a beautiful Season!

    Nellie and Jonathan, Thanks to you as well for the comment :) I hope those trees give you quite a show! Utah is really a beautiful state, can't wait to get back there for a visit.

    Safe travels to you as well fellow nomads!