Saturday, September 25, 2010

Vantramp Simplicity

 The goal to live a more simple life has always been one of the driving factors behind both mine and Heidi's choice to live this lifestyle, even well before we met. I believe this is true of many if not most others living this way as well. It always interests me to hear the various perspectives on simplicity from other travelers as well as those living in more stationary ways. Truly, perspective shows that there are many versions of simplicity in the minds of the many.

Vantramp simplicity, our version, is fairly obvious from reading about our life on this blog.  We do our best to be as stress free as possible, living in a nomadic way, traveling with the weather and focusing on living life, exploring, sharing and always learning.

There are, of course, many common threads we share with most who seek simplicity. We are always striving to be more independent, requiring less from any outside source to sustain ourselves. We have reduced the number of possessions in our lives, to things that we enjoy and use on a regular basis or are necessary to be prepared for any contingencies that may occur.  We also do our best to not be caught up in the busyness of mainstream society, rather, we prefer a slower pace that allows time to appreciate anything that captures our interest.

There are also many differences in our version of simplicity compared to many.  We believe that one path is not better than another, rather a matter of preference with each offering its own rewards. Our desire is to continue living this lifestyle as long as we are physically able so, our path has a definite priority on maintaining comfort and a reliability while keeping our footprint small.  We understand the attraction to a more spartan path as well, but remain very satisfied with our choices.

Whichever path you choose, Heidi and I hope that it brings you as much satisfaction and fun as we have been having!



  1. Well said :) I agree and look forward to hearing more from you both in the days to come :)

  2. Your lifestyle choice seems groovy toovie to me.


  3. Great post!! I agree, living simply can be done by most people if they so choose. Each person has to choose the path that best fits them.
    I think you and Heidi have a great mindset and just think of how rich your life is and the memories you have had TIME to make!! :-)

    Mike & Gerri (happytrails)

  4. Very nice and meaningful post. [In the spirit of simplicity that's my whole comment. :)]


  5. Great blog there guys. I have been living in my camper van since january and the reduction in my things I thought I just had to have along with the peace of mind I have found is great. Although I am sticking around a general area due to my full time job I am enjoying the lifestyle. Happy trails to you both and maybe I will see you out there somewhere. Mike in Hutchinson Ks. Nightmiketoo on facebook.

  6. Absolutely agree 100%...we continue to work on it everyday though since those wanting the stuff thoughts continue to surface from time to time. But, for the most part, we are content and very happy living our lives simpler as we have chosen to do so! Life is truly grand!

  7. Thanks for the comments everyone! I appreciate you all taking the time to read our blog and share your thoughts!

    Remi, I am your first follower man! Looking forward to your first post :)

    Thanks Ben! Groovy!

    Mike & Gerri, Appreciate your comments as always! Really love reading you blog too!

    Les, Funny man, Simple indeed!

    Mike, Congrats on living the life man! Good to hear :) Would love to meet up with you out on the road sometime, let us know if you see that we will be near you anytime. I will have to check a map and see where Hutchinson is exactly. Certainly we will be close enough at some point!

    Kimberly and Jerry, Life is grand! Just joined your blog, looks like some good reading! I know what you mean about working on it every day. I have to remind myself sometimes too. My big thing is jewelry making tools, I can keep myself extremely occupied with the ones I have now, but it is easy to fall into the trap of thinking I need more. Really have to stick with the something in/something less useful out method. Helps me keep things in check :)


  8. I love your outlook on life. You guys are an inspiration to all.

  9. Thanks Anne! That was nice to see :)

    -Mike & Heidi

  10. Love your blog (and your philosophy). It's comforting to know there are people out there like you living your dream.