Friday, September 17, 2010

Squirrel Drama...

The back yard at my Mom's place in Floodwood Minnesota is pretty much a constant show. One of the stars of that show is "Casper", the pretty white squirrel above. He isn't an albino, but certainly not the average gray squirrel either. Whatever causes him to be white, it really bothers the other plain gray squirrels in the yard. He is different and must be vanquished!!!

Above sits one of the other participants in the daily battle for "King of the feeder". There are many like him of course so poor Casper has a pretty big challenge to face each day. Casper deals with it much the same way humans do, which is to say he finds someone lower on the food chain to pass the harassment to. Enter the rest of our cast, little red squirrels and chipmunks.

These poor little guys catch all the passed along abuse.

The last remaining characters in the cast of the Squirrel Drama Show, are the little flying squirrels who were unavailable to have their picture taken. They are a bit shy and show up just after dark each evening.

Of course there are other shows in the back yard as well with yet full casts of their own. The "Bird Drama" is especially entertaining!

Just thought I would leave you with a few parting shots of Casper since he is pretty much the star of the backyard show! Hope you enjoyed meeting the cast!


  1. He's a rather pretty guy. Some people don't like squirrels. I always have.

  2. Squirrels are great. And I love the flying squirrels. Et oui, Casper looks like a star :D

  3. A white squirrel, wow. He's cute. But then I think all squirrels are cute.


  4. Casper is very handsome looking! =)

    His character shines right through those beautiful photos of yours.

    Your Mom must really enjoy all of natures entertainment in the comfort of her own backyard!

    Thanks for sharing!! =0)


  5. Thanks for all the comments! :) We do get a kick out of watching them we we are here visiting. There are so many little critters that the ground usually looks alive! One thing not very obvious about the pics above is that I took them all while sitting at the kitchen table. You don't have to go outside to enjoy them, that view is the same as it is from the couch too :)


  6. Too cute! Thanks for the pics, big brother.

  7. So cute! One of my favorite past times is watching animals, especially watching how they react with each other. Very cute! :)

  8. Great shot of the white one! Just keep them outta my wiring under the rig LOL.

    We had to keep kicking a little red out outta the underside of the Tracker this weekend. Sassy thing!

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  9. Mar, Anytime sweet little sis! Glad you enjoyed them!

    Laura Anne, Yep, that is one of our favorite things to do as well! I didn't say much about the "drama" part in the post, but they sure do have a lot of funny little interactions out on those trees. Can almost hear em sounding like kids on a playground :)

    Hi Karen & Steve, Oh these guys would never eat wires, mom keeps them too hopped up on seeds and nuts! No starving squirrels around this place! Sorry to hear about the tracker and the little bratty red squirrel!