Thursday, September 23, 2010

Slow week and some lovely art (wiring diagram).

It has been a rough week here for us. Heidi started it by not feeling well but, luckily, is now feeling better. I am surviving but not fully recovered.  I am pretty sure this would kill a normal man but, me not being normal, (too easy, just ignore the setup) I am handling it!

Okay, maybe the artwork above isn't lovely, but it might answer a few questions and show a couple ideas others may be interested in.  As you can see, the diagram really is based mostly on how the coach electrical system is setup now. ** Click on the image for a larger version**

There is one other area I would like to direct your attention to. That is the accessory fuse box added on the firewall and tied into the isolator on both sides through a 3 way switch. The way this works is simple. The switch, when in it's top position, connects the fuse box to the starting battery/alternator side of the isolator. When switched all the way down while the ignition is off, the power to the new fuse panel is pulled from the coach battery.

The idea behind the new switched fuse box is to allow the accessories wired into it to be run from the alternator, starting battery, coach batteries or be switched off completely. It has worked quite well and just adds a little more flexibility to our power system.  Feel free to ask any questions you may have. I promise, the next blog I write will be more entertaining!


  1. Checked out Roadtrek at a RV show today. It had a slide. Does yours?

  2. Nope. Pretty sure that was new this year for the RT's. Ours is a 97, the only slides it has are on the bottom of the drawers :)


  3. Yup.. I can see the need for the extra switching capabilities so you don't have to run down the engine battery to run the stuff up on the front dash, like radio, etc... Is there still power to the engine components and computer?
    Because we learned (the hard way) on our last motorhome, a Coachmen, that if you cut all power to the engine, it resets the computer to factory default settings. We had been shutting off the power by the 2 salesman switches at the door, one for coach, one for chassis.

    Our mechanic said to STOP doing that when he saw it on a diagnostic printout. He could tell we had been cutting the power each time we parked it.

    Because when it resets the computer, it resets your driving habits and altitude, etc. and it takes ten more driving sessions of on and off and driving for the computer to re-register all of that to run more efficiently. We were wondering why our mileage had gone so low, about 2mpg, and here it was because it kept resetting each time we cut the power. Once we stopped doing that, our mileage went back up to where it was when we first got it.

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  4. Hi Karen & Steve, Yep, there is still power to everything that needs it. The items the new fuse box and switch control are only the accessories that we want to be able to choose between alternator/starting battery and coach battery banks. It is nice to now be able to cut all power to those devices as well. The original engine wiring harness and stock fuse box are still in place and untouched.

    Thanks for the question :) Hope you are all doing well!