Sunday, September 19, 2010

LP tank repair...

With the memory of the Tacoma Propane explosion (pictured above) still fresh in my mind, dealing with our messed up LP tank valve wasn't my idea of fun. I suppose I should start from the beginning. On the very first night we left Washington State, I went to open the LP valve and it sprayed out all around the stem, even when fully opened. I took most of that spray on 3 fingers that were instantly frostbitten.

With the tank still almost full, finding someone to work on it wasn't going to happen. So, on the advice of a few LP supply companies, I took Taj out to the middle of a field and shot her...Back up, just kidding :) I waited for a very windy day and in the middle of a field with both the van battery and coach batteries disconnected, I let that full tank empty out. Made me a little nervous, but it worked out just fine.

With the tank empty, we took Taj to Range Bottlegas in Coleraine MN where I led the first employee I saw out to the parking lot for a look. He went back inside and was right back out with a box of parts and a few tools. About 10 minutes later, a new valve core was installed and I was headed over to the fill station where he put just enough of a charge in it to test all the fittings in the tank area for leaks. All checked out well and the tank was then topped off. So, now the interesting part. Total Bill: $18 including the LP. No charge for him installing the valve or testing the fittings, just the gas and $6.50 for the valve guts. He was a really nice guy, even reluctant to accept the tip we gave him, just don't find such great service like that very often. We were extremely thankful for the work they did and that the LP is now good to go once again!


  1. Ahh yes!!! Small towns, good people willing to help.


  2. Sorry about the tank, but it's great it was so inexpensive to fix and it's also great to find a business like that as they seem to be so very few and far between these days.

  3. Isn't it wonderful when you meet folks like this man...eager to help without the "whats in it for me" attitude. Glad you found him. Glad you got things fixed up without any problems.

    Mike & Gerri (happytrails)

  4. Cool story, Mike, and great photo -- definitely pulled me in to read more!

    To Simplify...

  5. Scary picture, Mike, but also very educational. Thanks for the information, and I'm glad Taj is still in one piece. :)


  6. Thanks for all the comments everyone, appreciate it! Yeah, I was pretty amazed with the service and lack of any hesitation to get in there and get it done. Very cool people! I do hope the info is helpful to someone.


  7. Sounds like a problem solved.

    Wish That all things were so easy to fix!

  8. Wow.. good for you! So nice to hear about good repair places and not out to empty your wallet just because you drive an RV. You could put a review on
    I bet they would appreciate it!

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  9. Mike,

    Great story and good information (and warnings) included. Write on! (sorry...had to do it)


  10. What a cool website sis. I had no idea you were blogging your travels . Hi Mike by the way, I am your sister-in-law. I hope your travels stay fun and exciting . I cant wait to read your next post.. Love your sister,

  11. Hey all, thanks for the comments. :)

    Sis, glad you could join us here!

  12. After seeing that propane explosion photo and your repair saga, decided you're just the one to ask about an all electric trailer. Specifically, the Eggcamper, manufactured in MN. Will often travel solo, and not so handy with stuff, esp. explosions :))) so any downsides you can think of besides the obvious, no service unless at campsite plug-in? What kind of heater could we use if no electricity -- you know, on the Walmart lot!? Of course could get gen., but that defeats keeping it light and stealth. Any Eggcampers out there? Thanks. Love your blog!