Thursday, September 16, 2010

Free Rustic Campsites

After the "B Social" get together in Grand Marais last weekend, Heidi and I did a little hunting for good local boondocking spots and found some very nice ones. The picture above is of the Superior National Forest facilities at White Pine Lake. Not seen, but just to the right of this picnic area, is a boat launch and to the right of that, the barrier-free fishing pier shown below.

As you can see, this was really a gorgeous area! It was really very secluded and quiet as well, with only the sounds of the birds, the waves against the shoreline and a light wind through the trees. I apologize to Nellie for not taking pictures of the outhouse, but maybe next time :-)

There were a grand total of 3 campsites here, each with a fire ring, picnic table and nice level parking space. The one above was ours for the night. The "rustic" designation means there is no potable water available and you have to pack your trash out with you. Of course there is also no electricity or other services available, but for boondocking, these spots are ideal.

Within about 20 miles, there were 4 other small groups of rustic campsites, still located within the Superior National Forest. I put specific directions to this site in our page on free camping and boondocking found by following:

You can also get to the page by clicking the "Free Boondocking/camping" link under the Vantramps page banner above. These types of sites can be found in many locations throughout the country. Heidi and I will do our best to document the ones we can personally vouch for as we travel.


  1. I love campsites like these, especially when it's just you out there. Nice find!

  2. Do you ever run into bigger RVs at these places? It would seem they would be very capable of being without facilities for a few days at a time.

    I ask because i know the only way this will work for us is if we go big. I'd prefere something compact, but my husband won't for full timing.

    (I check back in the comments if I have asked a question.)

  3. Thanks for the comments :)

    Merikay, The specific sites in this wouldn't have worked for much larger of an RV than our B. Maybe a small Class C. Most of the rustic sites and free DNR sites we have been too are remote enough and down roads most Class A's and fifth wheels would not be able to go. That doesn't mean they are all that way though. There are more areas in the SW that are pretty suitable for larger rigs though. Really depends on where you are looking. Hope that helps a bit.


  4. Yup.. those are our kinda sites!

    It's amazing how we can wiggle our 38 ft motorhome into most of the national forest campgrounds. Right now we are snugged into a site in a NF campground where we had to lift out the number post to get in, and slide it back into place once we got on the site! LOL When we leave, we will have to do the same thing to be able to swing back out. Sitting here now, all rustic and quiet. Surprised I still get an aircard signal out here tonight! During the day it will fade, but come back at nighttime.

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  5. Seriously? Wow Karen, I am impressed! The picture I took of that site was from the road, the whole thing wasn't but about 5' longer than our van. I don't doubt it, but I am impressed :)

    One of the reasons I mentioned what I did to Merikay was more about some of the sites we have been to that said "no motorhomes larger than ??" various lengths were given. Haven't seen a lot of them, but the few we have, I believe were more due to the road going in than the sites themselves.

    If a person can squeeze their rig in, they are certainly my favorite style of site. Nice and quiet :)


  6. Great campsite! It's lovely, and it's now on my List. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Hi Sarah, Thanks for reading and commenting :) I plan to add a lot of reports on great boondocking places as we go. We love finding them!