Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Visit with Vantramp Glenn

Another borrowed picture! I really do need to use my camera when these cool Vantramps come into our current area! Glenn, a now full time Vantramp, is quite a character! He made the trek to Ogilvie, MN to visit with us at my Sister's great little farm just a few days ago. He and his traveling companion, Emily the cat, are currently making their way around the country via scenic back roads and blogging about their travels. You can read all about them both, and the mighty Falcon(his trusty vanhome), at It will be time well spent, I promise!

Glenn was a lot of fun to hang out with! Heidi and I, as well as my Sister Traci and her family, enjoyed learning about him and sharing stories, food and fun for the brief time he was here(overnight). I had a particularly fun time playing cribbage with him, but will spare him my recounting of that story. I am sure he is trying to forget it :)

In the past few years, Heidi and I have met many fellow Vandweller/Vantramp friends and have always found them to be excellent people, and Glenn is no exception! We will always consider him a great friend from here on and can't wait for the chance to meet up again!


  1. If I were single, a Van would be my first choice.

  2. For the record, Mike deserves full credit for mounting the single greatest cribbage comeback in history. Many days later, I'm still in shock over it. Other than, it was indeed a great hang!


  3. I recently discovered Glenn's blog, and already I find myself increasingly envious of his Falcon. :)

  4. When Mike & I downsize we are seriously looking into a van type motorhome. More on that later.

    Mike & Gerri (happytrails)

  5. Cribbage? Isn't that a game for people in the retirement homes? LOL! Oh great! Now an old geezer with a cane is going to come after me for saying that :)

  6. Mike and Gerri, I will be watching for that info, would be fun to see you get into a "B"!

    Nellie, Oh come on now, Cribbage is an excellent game! I am routing for the geezers who come after you!

    Sarah, Yeah, the Falcon is nice, Emily sure seemed to be enjoying herself in there!

    Glenn, don't feel bad my friend, I have been on a Cribbage terror streak lately. I whupped up on Aaron pretty good for a few games, then my Mom, who I skunked the second game after easily taking her out the first game. (She is probably reading this growling!) Now I can't seem to get anyone to play me..
    I am sure the streak will fail before long though, but I am enjoying it for now :)

    Merikay, lets hope you never get a van then :)

    Thanks for all the comments everyone!


  7. Always nice to make new friends. Sounds like your enjoying your time in Minn....anxious to meet you in Sep in Grand Marais....see ya then.

  8. Mike,
    I'm glad you posted this. I have been in touch with Glenn about traveling with a kitty and he's been very helpful (not to mention Emily did her own post about living in a van).

    Mainly I just wanted to see if I could get a comment to post here. After many tries and a lot of research in Blogger's Help forums I managed it with Glenn's blog; now I'm trying yours. Let's see what happens...