Monday, August 23, 2010

Visit with Van friends, Charlene and Suanne

I am a bit overdue with this post as this picture was taken by me a few weeks back. Suanne was one of two Vandwelling friends that took time to stop in and enjoy a few days up at my mom's beautiful little setting in Floodwood MN. Here she is seen standing beside her van...Okay maybe not a van exactly, but it is an excellent little rig for her year long adventure. Suanne has modified her Prius to be quite comfortable and I am more than a little jealous of her fuel mileage! You can find more information about her journey on her blog, Suanneonline.

Also at the same time, Charlene stopped in, yep ol Swankiewheels herself! She managed to get out of there without me getting a picture of her so I snagged a few shots of her and her van(this one is really a van) from her blog Swankiewheels.

Charlene is on a quest to kayak all 50 states and is really an inspiration and a go-getter! While she was at Mom's, she put her kayak in the St Louis river(right behind the house) and paddled to the local park in town where her pre-delivered van was waiting. She is now parked in Wisconsin and gaining ground on her goal!

We really enjoyed visiting with both Suanne and Charlene as did my family. They are exceedingly nice folks and great cooks! We have always had a great time with Charlene as this was just one of several times we have been lucky enough to spend time with her over the past few years. This was the first time we had a chance to meet Suanne though and we found out quickly that she is not only an extremely sweet person, but also a serious card shark! I love good competition though and really look forward to our next chance to do battle with cards.

Safe travels Charlene and Suanne! See ya out there on the road again sometime soon!


  1. "she put her kayak in the St Louis river(right behind the house) and paddled to the local park in town. She is now in Wisconsin and gaining ground on her goal!"

    is she ever going to paddle back and get her van?...

  2. Okay that was pretty funny there Cap, notice I already edited the post to clarify that part a bit :)


  3. Awh, shucks, Mikey, I'm blushing. The feelings are mutual by the way and your Mom is a sweetheart. Loved the visit. Cap... your are very funny. I'm never far from the van (it is my HOME!)... have to have someplace dry for all my electronics, you know.