Friday, July 9, 2010

Solar cooking and other fun!

Heidi and I have been having a wonderful time hanging out with my sister Traci and her family here in Minnesota! The picture above was taken in her front yard where we decided to park Taj in an effort to avoid the hot summer sun.

In addition to playing tons of card games, shooting guns & slingshots and driving the 4 wheeler, Heidi has found time to torment poor Taj (click on the next picture).

Traci of course provided the pancake and was involved in the conspiracy to humiliate our trusty VanHome. Taj was really not happy about having her picture taken with dead Minnesota bugs all over her front anyway...

Traci and Heidi are outside at the moment creating a very temporary solar cooking oven to compensate for the failure of the regular gas fired oven in the house. The sun looks a little low in the sky to me, but like a good brother and husband, I am rooting for them... I am really enjoying watching them become really great friends!

It is quite a change of pace here for us, still feels very relaxed, but Aaron, Traci and the kids are a very industrious and creative lot! More than a few times since we have been here, almost everything on the dinner table has come from their land and labor. As a family, they are truly inspiring beyond description. They work hard and play hard together, live a very spiritual life and have more love and respect for each other and others than I have ever witnessed. Pretty great vibe to be around!


  1. Glad you are having a good time! Hope you are feeling much improved!

    I love it, that's really a van with a pancake on its head! :-)

  2. poor taj!
    bad heidi!!!

  3. Thanks Mark! Yeah we are having a great time and I do feel much better! The pancake had to happen! :)

    Cap, I know, I had to console poor Taj, it was sad! I would have defended her if I was aware of the scheme, but you know of course I had no knowledge of it before hand.


  4. It looks like Taj had to take one to the head...all in fun though!
    Hope you are feeling better!! Take care!

    Mike & Gerri (happytrails)

  5. Glad you are doing better and having a good time! I got an old car!..but i still want a van...