Wednesday, July 28, 2010

"Run, Taj! Run!"

With all the tragedies that have occurred in the last few years from severe weather and other natural disasters, it has really had me thinking about this lifestyle that Heidi and I enjoy so much. Not negative thoughts or worry mind you, rather a bit of comfort and peace in the fact that we can, more often than not, drive out of an area that is threatening dangerous conditions.

Yesterday was an excellent example that clearly illustrates this fact. Early morning, before we were ready to climb out of bed, we heard the thunder and saw the flash of lightning reflected through our uncovered skylights. The rain poured down and the hot muggy temperatures were even more intense than in recent days. A little later, as we enjoyed our coffee in the house with my sister, we learned that the day was going to be filled with severe weather and potentially large hail. Pretty sure I heard Taj make a loud, nervous gasp about then!

Large hail is some seriously scary stuff to a vanhome! Even hail half the size of the one pictured above could potentially ventilate a B's fiberglass roof, and the windows, as well as creating a mess of the sheet metal. Definitely something to avoid, and yet, quite easily done when your home has wheels!

We spent the day in Bloomington which is a few hours South and out of the main "line of fire" for the storms.

In the end, it turned out that the warnings were accurate concerning the strong winds and severe thunderstorms, but overall it was more mild that it first sounded, and at least for the immediate area there was no hail. I am still very glad we left. We did have some specific business to take care of in Bloomington anyway, and really, what good is the ability to avoid damage if it isn't used? Had we not left, and there had been hail, this would be a very sad post, especially since we had warning.

I have decided that a weather radio is now going to be in our future, sooner rather than later. I have read some very interesting blogs concerning them lately and really believe it will be a wise move. I will do a bit of a review after we have done our research, acquired and tested one.

The big message here though, is 'having wheels on your home is really a handy thing!'


  1. Hmmm...we're Texans, and we know hail. I have to say, being caught in a hailstorm when on the highway pretty much sucks. Unless you can hide under an overpass (or you're near a Sonic drive in), then you just watch your pretty car get beat to a bloody pulp. Knowing when the hail will hit out there is tricky because it always just looks like a regular old rain storm until you hear "ping, ping" then you know you're doomed. I'll be interested to hear how a weather radio will do in predicting hail. Keep us posted!

  2. You guys are living the good life, and it must be great to be able to get out of the way of any hazardous weather or conditions.
    Have a great week,

  3. I can't agree more...get a weather radio. Ours helped us out alot Tuesday when we had the quick hard storm. If the lake had started to flood we would have pulled out.
    Glad you avoided possible damage.

    Mike & Gerri (happytrails)

  4. I think it would be easier for you to get away with the Taj than many of the fulltimers in their big Motor Homes or fivers. If you booked a month in one park your not as likely to move out of a storms way.

    P.S. Don't forget the batteries!

  5. We're just south of Bloomington, in Apple Valley and have been fortunate to have our '04C190P parked in the driveway without sustaining damage from the hail. Be safe and enjoy!
    Sharon and Wayne

  6. Hey, Mr. Metabolism, if you get hungry, I hear Heidi has a pancake on the roof.

  7. Wow! I have never seen nor do I ever want to see hail that size! Great pic!



  8. eek! that's some big hail! I hope I can avoid such a thing!

  9. Thanks for the comments everyone! Still lots of nasty weather out there so we hope you all are keeping safe!

    I will make sure I do a detailed post when we get a weather radio.

    Thanks for the reminder about the pancake there Nellie ;P


  10. Definitely get a weather radio. This spring tornados were following us and that is one investment I am glad I made. Also I made a tornado kit ready to grab when we run to the nearest shelter. Stay safe!