Friday, July 23, 2010

Regaining Balance

There just isn't much question that balance is one of the most necessary things in life to keep things going smoothly. I tend to be horrible at maintaining it! I, and my wife Heidi as well, both get our minds on something and almost everything else is put off until we have satisfied that particular interest to a cogent state of being. We both however know this about ourselves and constantly work towards more equilibrium.

While working to get the big wave of modifications done on Taj, we had put off many of the healthy and fun activities we normally do. There are still many projects in progress and in the future for Taj, but now that the majority of the larger ones are done and we are again living in a more nomadic way, we are back to trying to get our lives in balance. The guitar has come out of it's case and my fingers are again sore but it is a pleasant pain! The mountain bikes both have dirt on the tires other than from dust settling on them while perched in their rack. The jewelry tools have come back out of hiding and a dozen other activities are again part of our lives and will be the subject of many future blog posts! This blog is also going to be given an increased effort to make it a hopefully more enjoyable and interesting place to visit.

The goal is simple. Balance in all areas of life; Spiritual, Health, Family, Fun, and "Work" (though it is hard to give it that name). Living the Vantramp lifestyle makes all of these goals much easier to attain for us. We hope that you are all able to find the right balance in your lives as well.


  1. That's an excellent point. I'm the same way you guys are. When I get an idea in my head, I'm like a dog with a bone. I gnaw on it, work at it, obsess over it, until I reach my goal. Then, instead of sitting back and enjoying the fruits of my labor, I pick some other thing to work on, and the cycle starts again. For me, I think part of the problem is my perfectionism. Thanks for giving me something to mull over.


  2. As Nellie says, that is an excellent point. I am the last person to know anything about balance but I think it is essential. Elusive and essential...interesting.

    I am just like you all with it and also am a "monotasker" (?.... is that a word? )I really am unable to do more than one thing at a time...that does not help the 'dog with a bone' phenom.

    Good thing we have the rest of our lives to practice it and we know that we'll never do it perfectly, ay?


  3. Great post!! So true about having balance in life. It is probably something we can all work on. Thanks for the reminder.

    Mike & Gerri

  4. It's great that you're back to having a bit more fun and play time in your lives. We all do need that. Have a wonderful week, and enjoy your summer weather, whatever it might be and wherever you might be.

  5. Balance is keeps us from falling off the edge..!

  6. Thank You for all the great comments everyone! We are really doing our best to get the balance back and it is coming along nicely!

    Nellie, you describe exactly how my life has always gone. I have many inventions even that I have taken right up to manufacture and packaging then dropped because the creative process that interests me so much was over. Never cared much about the fruits of my labor, just the fun of the quest. Now, looking back, I still feel that way, but I know the other parts are important too and very necessary for overall balance and health. I am learning :)

    Bri, Mike & Gerri, Terria, Pam and Nellie & Johnathan, I hope you all have an excellent week! Thanks for reading, my friends!

    -Mike & Heidi