Sunday, June 6, 2010

A Van with a pancake on it's head!

Strange blog title huh?! That is the description Heidi and I have always had for the style of van in the image above. We always keep our eye out for other B's on the road, kinda like our version of "slug bug" but with less pain and more laughter! The van above is the new rig of our friend Mark who is really an excellent photographer as can be seen here:

Mark, doesn't agree with our description of his van stating that it would be more accurate to describe it as a "Van with a shuttle docked on it's head". Well yeah, I guess, but it just wasn't really working for me ya know?!

Enter the bunny! I am sure most everyone has seen the bunny right? The bunny with a pancake on it's head has been an internet phenomenon for years! It's typical application: "I don't know what else to say so here is a picture of a bunny with a pancake on it's head!" I will spare you that particular bunny as he has gotten more than enough cyber "ink" already. Instead, here is a picture sent to me that has completely changed my perspective!

Mark wins, "Van with a shuttle" it is!


  1. In all fairness, somehow I had never heard/seen the Bunny with a pancake on his head. I guess I was asleep in class that day. ;-)

    Now, I'm caught up, his name was Oolong and apparently there's a whole series of photos with him balancing things on his head, although I doubt there's really one with a shuttle!

    Bunnies and pancakes aside, I still suspect that whoever designed mine at least had shuttle in the back of their mind. At least I get the pancake reference now! And knowing is half the battle.

  2. Very cool van - I love how much room a top like that adds. Is the pancake an add-on or do you have to buy the van like that?

  3. Hi Mike and Heidi!
    Maybe you two put a priority on food, so everything you see makes you think of something food related. You know...maybe you'd say, "Look at that guy with his drumstick legs!" Or how about, "Dang! That kid is floating down the river on a chocolate donut!"

    Just something to think about ;)


  4. Ha! Mark you crack me up :) Knowing is half the battle! Isn't that an old schoolhouse rock type commercial?

    Eddie, That style of van is from the converter that way. There are Intervec Falcons, Coachmans, Airstreams, Winnebago and others that have used that style. Pretty cool, lots of extra storage room.

    Nellie, I do kinda put a priority on food actually, I have been known to name it, play with it and occasionally have wars with it. Using it to describe people is definitely not above me :)


  5. And BTW, Thank You all for the comments!!!


  6. @Mike - it was from the PSA's at the end of GI Joe! They'd show something like a kid nearly burning down his house, a Joe would swoop in to save the day and everyone of them ended with "And knowing is half the battle!"

    @Eddie - it makes for a tall van, but I like the head room. Apparently Mike & Heidi have similar headroom with a lower roof but a dropped floor as well. I haven't seen a Roadtrek in person to know how that's accomplished. You can get a pop top for a van - google Sportsmobile and you'll find one company that does them. I'm not sure if anyone makes the fiberglass ones like mine and the Falcons, etc. had anymore.

    Whatya know - not exactly the same, but check this link:

  7. umm, my van has a bass boat on top! :)