Thursday, April 15, 2010

Stuff reduction success!

Heidi and I have been really working towards eliminating all of the excess "stuff" that doesn't fit in Taj lately. We have had a much of it stored in her old van and here at my Dad's place and have been trying to decide what to do with it. Well when my sister Alisha mentioned a garage sale they were having, it sounded like an easy solution. We hauled it all over there last weekend and watched it all go home with folks who hopefully will make good use of it. We made a little money and we gave a lot of it away, the goal being of course not to bring anything back with us.

It was a huge success! We are now free of almost everything that doesn't fit in Taj! The old van of course needs to be sold, but we can do that from the road via Craigslist and just let Dad fill the date in on the title and hand over the keys. It is a wonderful feeling not to have all that extra stuff to worry about!

I suppose about now you are wondering why there is a picture of sea otters on this post! Easy, they are incredibly cute! We see them often here in the PNW and they are always worth a smile!


  1. I thouight I already sent this...but congrats on lightening up! I wondered also if you got your seats yet?

  2. It is a great feeling to lighten your load. 2 years ago..I got rid of everything I had except what fit into a car! I had a lot O'stuff...25 years worth . I am a packrat by nature..but I will never accumulate 'stuff' again! Cute Otters ,,,! I see Manatees here sometimes!

  3. Alisha? I thought it was Lisa! Mom

  4. Ah, i know how you feel! I had a yardsale two weeks back and sold almost 1/2 of all my stuff because I know it won't fit in my V-dubb. I was able to make a little over $200 which all can go into my project! :P It feels so great to get rid of all my excess things that aren't necessary.