Saturday, March 13, 2010

Rousted By Pizza!!!

The following is actually an old blog written by my wife Heidi before we got together. It is about a funny situation she was in when she was vandwelling as a single woman in Salt Lake City. I thought it was a good time to post it given the last blog topic. Enjoy!
Stealthy as defined by a van dweller: to endeavor not to be noticed. If noticed, you may get rousted.

Rousted as defined by a van dweller: to receive a visit (knock) at your van by the police. Most likely resulting in answering questions, having your license run, and told to move on.

I am NOT stealthy! I try to be stealthy. I follow all the
guidelines. Sadly, I'm not!

- I rotate my sleeping spots.
- I only go to my sleeping spot after dark when I'm ready to get
into bed.
- I've fixed my windows so no light can be seen from the outside.
- Before I go to the back, I look around to make sure nobody's
watching me.
- Etc., etc., etc…

Last night I had just fallen asleep when I heard a loud knocking on
a rear window. I fly out of bed with my heart racing. I plunk down
in my driver's seat ready to go through the ol' questioning routine.
However, nobody is there! This kind of scares me. Someone *was*
knocking just seconds ago! There are no cars behind me, and nobody
is on the street. I turn on the engine and start to pull away when
something falls off the back of my van.

I roll down the window to peer out at the pizza box that has landed
on the street. Then I hear a young boy (about eight or nine) yell
at me "We bought you a pizza"! He is standing in front of an
apartment complex across the street. I didn't know what to say! I
wanted the boy to feel uplifted by his good deed, so I yelled back
a "Thank you"! I exit the van and retrieve the pizza box. As I'm
getting back in, a second boy standing beside him yells "I hope you
like your pizza"! I wave and again yell "Thank you very much"! I
get in my van, pull up the street, and open the box. Sure enough,
someone bought me pizza!

I'd have to say that having pizza delivered to your van is NOT

I have got to be the only van dweller EVER to be rousted by Pizza!


  1. I'd forgotten about this...good fun!

  2. LOL, "rousted by a pizza." I love that. I love this blog in general. I can't believe you guys met in the vandweller yahoo group and then got married. What a story! Someone ought to make a movie about you two!

    Well, as an aspiring vandweller, I feel blessed to have discovered your blog. I'll be checking in! Peace

  3. i wonder how they knew she was in there...

  4. Thanks Akasha! That was great to read! Glad to have you along with us :)

    -Mike & Heidi

  5. Hey Cap, I am guessing it was the extra seismic activity in the area surrounding the van which was obviously the epicenter!


  6. Bad Captain! Bad! Bad! Bad! .... Bad Husband! Bad! Bad! Bad!

  7. That is so neat! I'm new to the van dwelling group and not yet in a van, but it's stories like this that keep me looking forward to it.

  8. Glad you enjoyed it! I know you will enjoy the lifestyle too! Good luck on your vanhome hunt!


  9. Funny story......enjoy reading your blog.

  10. Pizza is my favorite food, I would be so happy for this to happen to me! That's awesome.