Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Picture Frame Mod for Taj

This is a project we have been wanting to get to for a while. Behind that picture frame there is an air conditioner we very rarely use that neither Heidi nor I find all that attractive. In an effort to both hide it when not needed and to make our vanhome look a little nicer inside, we enlisted the creative talents of Vickie at Sound Bike and Kayak who also runs a frame shop out of her store. She made the custom matting and frame perfectly to fit space as requested.

Mounting the frame was a bit of a trick, but I like these little design challenges and came up with an interesting and simple solution. Notice the tassel at the bottom right of the frame? To release the frame, all that is necessary is to pull that tassel gently downward.

Of course that thing in the background you see now is the face of that wonderful yet less than aesthetic cold air spewing device. Above it at the end of the cord is a very simple combination of a spring, 2 corner brackets and a modified thumbscrew.

I apologize for the low picture quality on this closeup but it should be okay to give a better idea of exactly how this works.

The final hardware is one more angle bracket to receive the "bolt" and the small piece of wood attached to the bottom of the frame to keep it snug behind the ledge on the cabinet. I should mention as well that we put a small foam square behind the frame to keep tension against the hardware and eliminate any possible rattling noises.

It was a pretty simple modification, but one that really makes the place feel warmer inside and allows Heidi a bit of decorating freedom. I should mention too that the frame was her idea! We have been collecting various sets of pictures to switch out with the first set to be put in tonight. Bet you were wondering about that :)


  1. How do you push the pin back in though?

  2. Agreed Rob!

    Ron, between the two angle brackets is a spring that is compressed when the cord is pulled. It returns the pin back to the right spot. When you go to put the picture back up, you pull the cord, move the picture into place and release the cord. Works quite well!


  3. Now that's a very smart idea to cover up the vent when not needed, and what an ingenious frame removal system!