Saturday, March 6, 2010

Custom Rug for Taj

The dropped center isle of Taj has always been a bit of an area of experimentation for us. Seems trying to find the right rug or other floor covering is something many Roadtrek owners battle with. We have tried numerous cheap throw rugs and seen others attemp rubber matting and none of it really seemed right to us. In our shopping for Cork flooring material for the rest of Taj, we found a local flooring store that did custom rugs with bound edges and optional backing. We decided after looking through their choices that this would be a decent option for us. The finished rug is exactly the correct dimensions to fit the isle area. The rubber skid proof pad on back also improves the sound deadening and comfort. It is a little hard to tell from the pictures just how well this pattern and coloring go with the cork flooring and oak cabinets and our newly made curtains. It is really the perfect look!

The pattern is mostly dark earth tones with small hints of color here and there. Pictures never do justice to the actual subject, this case is no exception... When the rest of the cork flooring is finished I will get better pictures of everything.

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  1. Hi kids, I really like the rug and so does Papa. Love you both, Mom