Saturday, January 30, 2010

Tank Level Monitor Panel Move

Our 170 is equipped with what Roadtrek calls an "armoire" which is an optional full height cabinet and resides where otherwise there would be a third passenger seat. Because it is optional, it covers the Tank Level Monitor Panel which means to access this feature you have to open the cabinet door which can be inconvenient at best. This panel also houses the switches for the water pump as well as a disconnect for the coach battery. Located right below the panel is a switch that controls the outside "porch" light. I always wanted to move this panel to make it more accessible but didn't decide it was worth it until the shower re-engineering project began. The panel is on the outside of the bathroom wall which means all the wiring runs behind covers i would soon be modifying. This made the panel move necessary. The shower modification blog post will show more detail on that aspect of it.

This was the original location of the panel shown at left during removal.

The panels in their new location. The second panel is for the new Prosine 2.5 inverter. Details of it's installation coming soon.

I made this piece from a shelf that I removed from the bathroom that has the same finish, perfect for the job of filling in the recess the old panel location left!

The finished wiring after being re-routed and connected. You can see a hole in the wall at right where the wires run through, on the bathroom side of the wall, this is inside a channel that is boxed in around the black tank vent pipe. The wires for the light switch had to be extended, the rest were already at the right length.

This is the cover I created inside the Armoire to protect the wiring and the back of the panels.

Overall, everything has come out very well and works perfectly. The shower re-engineering project will be detailed in the next blog.


  1. Just wanna say I love your blog, more importantly, I admire your attitude and outlook on life. Keep up the Good Work! I look forward to your future posts.

  2. Thanks to both of you! Very much appreciated!


  3. I'm super impressed with your ability to do so many modifications on your Roadtrek! I have a 2001 RT 190P and my sister is in a wheelchair. I would like to take her on some trips in the RT. It is currently NOT wheelchair accessible. I'm looking for a way to install some sort of wheelchair lift & tie down system in place of the passenger seat and extra armoire space. And... I'm looking at a overhead lift track system to be able to move my sister from her wheelchair in the front of the RT to the toilet/shower and the bed area. We will need quite a bit of modifying and i was wondering if ya'll might be willing to offer us some advice and/or guidance? We are located in the Houston area.