Monday, January 18, 2010

A little history about Heidi and I

If you are going to travel along with us, you might as well know our short but fun history together. Heidi and I met on a Yahoo group known as Vandwellers a couple years ago. We both had our vans but were several states apart. After talking online for quite a while and figuring out just how alike we were, we decided to meet in person. So after 1500 quick miles, I found myself in Salt Lake City on her birthday(my clever plan).

This picture is of our vans on the first night we were together.

We spent the next month there while she finished out her job with Intel and then we drove back here to Port Angeles Washington to introduce her to my Dad and other family and hang out for a bit. About two months after, we headed South to SlabCity in Niland California to hang out with a bunch of vandwellers. We had stopped along the way and met up with Michael(another Vandweller) in Northern California otherwise we stuck pretty much to the coastal highways all the way down.

This painting was done by one of our vandweller family members, Charlene on one of the water tanks at the Slabs.

The "Slabs" is quite a place, and deserves a post all it's own, but I will save that for another time. What I did want to share about the Slabs is that I will never go there again. For me it turned out to be a big mistake. From the day we arrived until two weeks later when I ended up in the local hospital on a ventilator I was feeling worse each day. For people with breathing issues, seriously do your research before you head that way. Many factors exist there from the dust in the area to the smell of people burning garbage to the smoke from local fields burning and pollution blowing across the border from large industrial areas in Mexicali Mexico. Heidi and I spent the next month in the Hospital(she was just watching over me). The last three weeks of the hospital stay were in San Diego as they were better equipped to deal with the damage to my poor lungs. After we finally got out, we stuck around Carlsbad for a month then headed back up the coast to Port Angeles again.

We were married on the 20th of June. There are details and a few pictures on my other blog "Visionquest" in my links. Since the wedding, Heidi and I have been working on Taj and getting her all ready for the rest of the journey which begins at the end of the month. I will be blogging about all of the individual mods we have done and some of our packing strategies and general methods we have worked out thus far over the next two weeks.


  1. Thanks for posting that. Looks good.

  2. You are welcome Charlene! I agree, it does look good! You are quite talented!


  3. Thanks for being the artist Charlene... I love having a bit of "us" there, even if we can't be!